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    11 June 2022
    Marathon "White Nights"
    Our colleagues Vladimir Medvedkin and Kirill Pivovarov took part in a 42.2 km marathon held in St. Petersburg on June 11
    8 June 2022
    Practice of designing unique buildings using steel structures
    Sergey Rudnev, Chief Project Structural Engineer of Metropolis, spoke at a webinar on the topic “Practice of designing unique buildings using steel structures on the example of the Opera and Ballet Theater in Sevastopol”
    6 June 2022
    A hospital should inspire for recovery
    Representatives of the Metropolis company, the general designer of the hospital MCSC named after Loginov, told Interfax about the challenges and peculiarities of working on such a complex and unique project
    23 May 2022
    What support measures does the security systems market expect from the state?
    The RUBEZH magazine website has published an article written by our colleagues Sergey Grigoriev and Larisa Bardasova about how the state can support companies in the security systems market
    20 May 2022
    Application of information technologies on the Revit platform at the design stage
    Svetlana Parkhomenko, Head of the BIM-technologies department of Metropolis, spoke at the seminar on the topic “Practical work on the use of information technologies on the Revit platform at the design stage”
    4 May 2022
    Features and prospects of green offices construction
    Anton Kuznetsov, Chief Project Engineer of Metropolis, told the portal of the Complex of Urban Planning Policy and Construction of Moscow about the features and prospects of green offices construction
    28 April 2022
    The use of translucent structures for the design of facades
    Anna Malyushitskaya, Chief Project Architect of Metropolis, shared her thoughts with Construction Weekly on the topic of translucent structures in facades of buildings
    27 April 2022
    CRE Moscow Awards 2022 winners announced
    On April 21, Barvikha Luxury Village hosted the 19th Moscow Commercial Real Estate Award CRE Moscow Awards 2022
    22 April 2022
    Metropolis won Design Bureau of the Year at the Sport Business Awards
    On April 21, the winners of the 5th Sport Business Awards were announced. We became the winner in the "Design Bureau of the Year" category with the Volna Surfing Park project!
    14 April 2022
    Metropolis at the Engineering Forum PROproject-2022
    Oleg Chubko, Deputy Head of the Communication and Signaling Systems department of Metropolis, spoke at the Engineering Forum PROproject-2022 as part of the Securika Moscow security systems exhibition
    13 April 2022
    Metropolis is nominated for the Sport Business Awards 2022 in the Design Bureau of the Year category!
    The Metropolis company is shortlisted for the Sport Business Awards in the "Design Bureau of the Year" nomination with the project of the Volna surf park
    8 April 2022
    Design of public spaces in a hotel
    Dmitry Gorbik, Senior Project Manager of Metropolis, told the WelcomeTimes portal about the features of hotel design
    26 March 2022
    Rare housing formats in the real estate market
    Shakhban Kurbanov, Chief Project Engineer of the Metropolis company, told the portal of the Moscow Construction Complex about non-standard housing formats
    25 March 2022
    Our colleagues are the winners of the competition "Engineer of the Year - 2021"
    6 employees of the company became the winners of the competition in the categories "Professional Engineers" and "Engineering Art of the Young"
    24 March 2022
    Modern trends in the development of design work in construction
    Sergey Bryuzgin told the CAD/CAM/CAE Observer magazine about the use of CFD modeling in the preparation and analysis of design solutions
    14 March 2022
    Today’s engineers of tomorrow’s buildings
    In the latest issue of Construction Weekly a large material was published on the principles, achievements and implemented projects of the Metropolis company
    22 February 2022
    Metropolis is a “BIM-leader 2022” in Russia
    Metropolis receives the status of BIM leader in Russia according to Autodesk for the 3rd year in a row
    21 February 2022
    Metropolis is in the “Top 50 Best Employers in Russia”
    We took the 2nd place in construction, real estate and architecture in HeadHunter's 2021 Russian Employer Rating among companies with 251 to 1,000 employees
    13 January 2022
    New Year parties of Metropolis
    In December 2021, Metropolis offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod celebrated the upcoming New Year with cheerful corporate parties
    30 December 2021
    Alliance of experience and inspiration
    Alexander Vorozhbitov, General Director of Metropolis, on the company’s development and the results of the year for «Moscow Perspective»
    28 December 2021
    Review of December 2021 publications with the participation of Metropolis experts
    Our colleagues Mohamed Nasser, Alexander Pronin and Denis Dubinin gave their comments for three publications related to the construction market
    23 December 2021
    Metropolis at the «Steel Construction» seminar
    Sergey Rudnev spoke at an online industry seminar with a presentation on steel structures in the GES-2 project
    16 December 2021
    Metropolis is among the winners of the "Moscow Restoration – 2021" contest with the GES-2 project
    Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin awarded the winners of the "Moscow Restoration – 2021" contest, including the working party of the GES-2 project
    10 December 2021
    Metropolis is the winner of the Moscow Government Environmental Award!
    Our company was awarded in the category "The best project for the complex improvement of natural and green areas in the city of Moscow"
    4 December 2021
    House of Culture GES-2 opened to the public
    On December 4, the long-awaited opening of the House of Culture GES-2 on Bolotnaya embankment took place
    25 November 2021
    Metropolis at Star Russian Conference 2021
    Sergey Bryuzgin took part in an annual scientific conference, dedicated to the issues of effective usage of Simcenter software package
    23 November 2021
    Metropolis won at the architectural contest with the project of Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after A.S. Loginov
    In the contest held by «Stroitelny expert» Metropolis took the 1st place in the category «KNAUF in the interiors of the projects with social purposes»
    10 November 2021
    Any engineering specialty has become science-intensive
    Aleksander Lyubartsev, Chief Engineer at Metropolis, gave an interview for FederalPress
    26 October 2021
    Metropolis is a winner at Best for Life Design Award 2021
    Our company was awarded as «Best design bureau» in Spaces & Places category for Sevastopol Ballet Academy
    13 October 2021
    IRONSTAR 226 SOCHI 2021
    Our colleague Vladimir Medvedkin took part in a triathlon race among amateurs on an “iron” distance