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    Structural solutions

    Structural solutions

    Design of building structures using BIM technologies at all stages of the project: from sketch design to working documentation.

    Performing calculations of building structures, including unique and technically complex buildings using modern calculation systems, such as LIRA SAPR, SAPFIR,SCAD.

    The development of digital models and projects of metal structures is carried out by a specialized group using the Tekla software package.

    Geotechnical calculations and design, such as calculation of foundations, foundations, underground and buried structures, including in dense urban areas and difficult soil conditions. 3D modeling of the stress-strain state of the foundation using the Plaxis software package.

    Performing independent calculations of building structures, calculations for progressive collapse.

    Long-term experience of cooperation with research and specialized organizations (NIIZhB, NIIOSP, TsNIISK, TsNIIEP) on the development of documentation, search for joint most effective solutions.