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    SPbGASU, 23 May 2024
    «Metropolis» is the general partner of the Qualifying Round of the All-Russian BIM-Championship of SPbGASU

    On May 17, the final project defenses and the award ceremony of the Selection Round of the All-Russian BIM-Championship of SPbGASU 2024 took place. «Metropolis» along with the National Association of Surveyors and Designers (NOPRIZ), acted as the general partner of the event.

    As part of the university selection round, 6 teams and 48 participants competed in the design of a multifunctional residential complex in St. Petersburg. SPbGASU teachers and representatives of the project partners took part in the development of the task and the evaluation of the completed projects: Ostec, Wizardsoft, Penoplex, ASCON, InfraEco, Semren+Mansson, ROSTerm, Samolet, Vysotskiy Consulting. The task also implied the development of eight competencies in the following sections:

    1. Architectural solutions
    2. Structural solutions
    3. Heating and ventilation
    4. Water supply and sewerage
    5. Electrical equipment and lighting
    6. Construction organization project
    7. Estimate
    8. BIM-coordination

    Representatives of «Metropolis» Andrey Shitov, Chief Architect of the project, Oleg Dulevich, Head of the Water supply, sewerage and firefighting group, Alexander Romanenko, Head of the Electrical networks group and Svetlana Parkhomenko, Head of the BIM technologies department, joined the expert commission and assessed the work of the participating teams.

    In the team competition, the first place was won by the YeezyBIM team, the second place by the BomBim team, and the third place by the BIM7 team.

    The winners in the individual standings were: in the nomination «Best Architect» - Arina Aleksanova. In the nomination «Best Designer» - Yaroslav Perevalov. In the nomination «Best Heating and Ventilation Engineer» - Polina Orlova. In the nomination «Best Water Supply and Sanitation Engineer» - Olga Gavrichenkova. In the nomination «Best Power Supply Engineer» - Anna Yarullina. In the nomination «Best Estimator» the winner was Daniil Talalaev. The title of the best «BIM-Coordinator» went to Vladimir Inozemtsev.

    Congratulations to the winners of this round and good luck in representing the university at the All-Russian stage of the BIM-Championship, which will be held in October-November 2024.