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    St Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering , 24 November 2023
    Metropolis is the partner of All-Russian student BIM-Championship

    Metropolis traditionally supports talented youth from leading industry universities in Russia. On November 14-17 our company was a partner of the All-Russian BIM-Championship of St. Petersburg State University of Civil Engineering. The championships are a career guidance platform for the formation of BIM competencies for students of architectural, construction and engineering profiles. This year students from 10 universities took part in the championship:

    1. St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (SPbSUACE);
    2. Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (NNSUACE);
    3. National Research University "South Ural State University" (NRU SUSU);
    4. Samara State Technical University (SamSTU);
    5. Tyumen Industrial University (TIU);
    6. Far Eastern State Transport University (FESTU);
    7. Vyatka State University (VyatSU);
    8. Chuvash State University (ChSU);
    9. Ivanovo State Polytechnic University (IvSPU);
    10. National Research University "Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (NRU MSUCE).

    The students had to develop a project for a hotel complex (glamping) on the shores of Lake Baikal. The technical specifications were provided by the general partner of the championship - the BIMPRO company. The BIM-championship is as close as possible to real conditions, where each team member plays his own role: architect, designer, heating and ventilation engineer, water supply and sanitation, electricity supply, construction organization, estimator, system coordinator. Working hours: five days a week. So, the students could try themselves as a real working specialist in the professional field, which they will work after graduating from universities, tested their level of competencies and gained experience working in a project team.

    Working in the presence of representatives of industry companies is a good opportunity to express yourself, which is why BIM-championships are getting more and more popular every year.

    Metropolis experts took part as competency-based jury members and assessed the face-to-face defense of cases. The jury from the Metropolis company were:

    1. Sergey Bryuzgin – head of the HVAC department;
    2. Alexandr Kanatov – head of the HVAC group;
    3. Kirill Pivovarov – head of the HVAC group;
    4. Evgeniy Skripka – head of the Water supply, sewerage and fire fighting department;
    5. Andrey Shitov – главный архитектор проекта;
    6. Nikolay Novikov – chief designer.

    As a result, the team of the St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering became the winner. The team from the Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering took second place, and the third place went to the Samara State Technical University. fourth place (with a minimal gap from 3rd place, 525.7 points versus 526 for SamSTU) - Vyatka State University. Winners in individual competency categories were also determined.

    The St. Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering team with Metropolis’ experts

    The chief project architect of the Metropolis, Andrey Shitov, shared his opinion on the results of the BIM-championship:

    “It was a wonderful experience that allowed us not only to demonstrate our professional skills, but also to get acquainted with the work of applicants from all over the country. So, we can identify f general pattern: there were works with a fairly simple architecture and standard solutions, but they were in maximum compliance with the technical specifications. But more daring solutions were also presented, but they had noticeable deviations from the technical specifications.

    The evaluation system in the competition made it possible to receive a large number of points for the competent formation of a BIM-model. In particular, good points could be earned for correctly downloaded and completed specifications. Unfortunately, not everyone took advantage of this opportunity and paid attention to it. The formation of specifications and determination of the total cost based on them is one of the important parameters of the project.

    I wish all participants continue to improve their skills and take an active part in such events!”

    Metropolis’ experts also noted the work of ChSU students. As noted by the head of the HVAC group, Alexander Kanatov, ChSU students did not get into prizes, either in the team or in individual nominations in the HVAC section, but their work was definitely worth it.

    “Almost all participants demonstrated a high level of proficiency in building information modeling technologies, demonstrating in their work the capabilities of the programs used, not only in terms of constructing interconnected three-dimensional models of the designed object, but also for creating presentation materials of a realistic visual representation, as well as performing the so-called 4D models with work schedules and calculation of estimated costs. The past BIM-championship showed that construction universities from the regions of Russia are not inferior to the capital in the implementation and training of BIM-technologies among students, and such events allow students to gain experience in design that is close to reality in order to better prepare for entering their professional activities,” - noted Alexandr.

    Alexandr Kanatov, head of the HVAC group during the BIM- Championship

    Speaking at the closing ceremony, SPbSUACE’ Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Sergei Mikhailov recalled that the All-Russian BIM-Championship of SPbSUACE is being held as part of an innovative educational project to develop digital professional competencies of students in the construction industry. This year it was held for the tenth time and for the fifth time at the All-Russian level.

    “Four years ago, the Russian Ministry of Science and Higher Education included the championship in the list of events whose winners are eligible to receive grants. Every year new teams and partners join the BIM-championship and the event develops. Next year we plan to create a league of students of secondary specialized educational institutions and a school league, which will include students of BIM-classes. It will be a joint project of our university, St. Petersburg schools and partner companies. For many years now, SPbSUACE has been successfully introducing and applying information modeling technologies in educational, research and design activities. We carry out all initiatives in collaboration with industry partners, and this increases their effectiveness, relevance, and relevance,” - noted the vice-rector.

    SPbSUACE’ Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Sergei Mikhailov at the closing ceremony

    Alexander Vikhrov is a coordinator of the National Association of Prospectors and Designers for the Northwestern Federal District and also a long-term general partner of the BIM-championship confirmed that the participants professionally completed the projects and showed their competitiveness.

    Alexander Vikhrov, coordinator of the NADS for the Northwestern Federal District at the closing ceremony

    The head of the HVAC group at Metropolis, Kirill Pivovarov , also confirmed the readiness to cooperate with students. He noted the high level of the projects, emphasizing that the BIM-championship opens up new opportunities for its participants and shows what success can be achieved in the future.

    Kirill PivovarovThe head of the HVAC group, during BIM-chempionship

    SPbSUACE’ teachers constantly find opportunities for their students to participate in various industry events and initiatives, which actively contributes to the development of the younger generation of personnel for the entire construction industry.

    Inna Sukhanova

    “At the All-Russian BIM-Championship of St. Petersburg State University of Civil Engineering this year, I would like to note the activity of industrial partners. They participated at all stages of the event, from drawing up technical specifications to congratulating the winners (it was very nice to see the students’ joy at so many gifts). Of course, we express our gratitude to our partners for their support of the Championship,” said Inna Sukhanova, Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Urban Economy.

    We are pleased that we were able to support the BIM-hampionship and contribute to the future of the industry together with other partners - the BIMPRO company and the National Association of Prospectors and Designers, the ASCON company, Renga Software, Wizardsoft, ROSTerm, Valtec, Vysotskiy consulting, BRIO MRS, Aibim and Semrén & Månsson.