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    Tasigo Kazan Palace 5*, 27 October 2023
    Metropolis is the winner of Best for life Design Award 2023 as a Design Bureau

    On October 23-24, the international Prize and Forum of visual communications, architecture, construction, industrial and product design “Best for Life 2023” was held in Kazan. This year, more than 50 companies became laureates of the award and over 200 applications were submitted.

    The participants' projects were assessed on the originality of the idea, conceptuality, functionality, environmental friendliness, innovation, quality of execution, author's approach, creativity, compliance with modern trends and manufacturability of solutions.

    This year, the award presented 5 blocks: Spaces & Places, Art & Design, Product & Promotion, Green Design, Experience Design.

    The Metropolis company became the winner in the nomination “Design Bureau” and in the category “Design Project of the Year” with the Hotel 4* in Kemerovo.

    Part of the project team came to the award ceremony: Pavel Ivanov - project manager, Irina Krivtsova - head of the architectural studio, and Alla Seregina - CMO.

    Project team:

    1. Architecture: COOP HIMMELB(L)AU
    2. Investor | Developer: PSB BUSINESS
    3. Customer: KEMEROVO GROUP
    4. General designer: METROPOLIS

    Metropolis team:

    1. Project curator: Muhamed Nasser.
    2. Project manager: Pavel Ivanov.
    3. Architectural solutions: Irina Krivtsova (chief architect of the project), Konstantin Sogrin, Olga Suchkova, Alexandra Zhukova, Artyom Kanyugin, Maria Balyabina, Elena Goryainova, Inna Orekhova, Lubov Kurnosova.
    4. Structural solutions:Fedor Isaev (chief designer of the project), Alexander Sazonov, Stanislav Permogorsky, Elena Kulygina, Sergey Astafiev, Maxim Yuriev.
    5. Engineering solutions: Alexander Romanenko, Alexander Vasinkin, Sergey Sokolov, Yulia Apokina, Evgeny Skripka, Olga Portnova, Radik Ashrapov, Regina Akimova, Nikita Grushkovsky, Stanislav Ivanov, Maxim Belogurov, Anna Kiseleva, Alexey Nalivin, Alexey Melnichuk, Konstantin Chizh, Sergey Grigoriev , Svyatoslav Lozhnikov, Denis Vyatkin, Mikhail Orlov, Dmitry Khandogin, Stanislav Toluev, Daniil Sychev, Ivan Fedkin, Olga Salova, Ekaterina Dyukareva.
    6. BIM coordinator: Kira Savvina.

    “It is a great honor for me to be part of a team awarded such a famous award”, – Irina Krivtsova emphasized.. “I thank the organizers of the Best for Life Design Award for their attention to our project. For me, my team and the Metropolis company it is important not just to create beautiful buildings, but also to inspire people and make their lives more comfortable. I would like to thank the architects, designers and engineers for their contribution to the implementation of complex design ideas. I am sure that this award will inspire us to create unique objects that can become the hallmark of any city”.