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    Arena Forum 7.0, 27 November 2023
    Metropolis took part in the conference «Arena Forum 7.0»

    On November 23-24, on the territory of the Start Hub in Moscow, the Arena Forum was held for the seventh time. This is a conference and exhibition on the design, construction, equipment and management of sports facilities organized by SBC. The event is held with the support of the Russian Ministry of Sports and the Moscow Sports Department.

    Arena Forum 7.0

    Arena Forum continues to grow and confirm its status as the main Russian conference on sports infrastructure. Just like a year ago, the business program took place in four halls at once, but now it took two full days. In total it was about 40 hours of concentrated information about sports business, government policy in the field of sports, modern technologies, life hacks and errors in design and management. «Arena Forum 7.0» brought together almost 1,500 participants over two days and 185 experts spoke to the conference guests.

    Denis Dubinin, project manager of the Metropolis company, and Alexander Abakarov, chief technology specialist, took part in the conference, speaking in the block «Design correctly. From concept to design of a sports facility». The panel discussion was moderated by Sergey Karpov, a business consultant, an expert in lighting sports facilities and infrastructure for international competitions. Along with specialists from the Metropolis company, the following experts took part in the discussion:

    1. Viktor Myakonkov, vice-president of the Russian Association of Sports Facilities;
    2. Alexey Laukart, Roder Company's CEO;
    3. Nikita Starkov, head of the Sports department at «MGK Lighting Technologies»;
    4. Sergey Kosarev, head of the department for monitoring the progress of the design and development work of the «Development of sports and infrastructure facilities»;
    5. Ksenia Lazareva, chief project engineer at the «Development of sports and infrastructure facilities»;
    6. Anton Peretokin, chief project engineer at the Design Institute of Construction Acoustics;
    7. Valentin Shkuro, curator of the concept department of the Asadov architectural bureau.

    Metropolis experts spoke about the importance of regulatory documentation in the design of sports facilities and recalled the need to update regulatory requirements, showing cases of design of such sports facilities as the Grand Sports Arena Luzhniki, Rhythmic Gymnastics Palace of Irina Viner-Usmanova, Luzhniki Water Sports Palace, "Krasnodar" football club Stadium, Surf Park "Volna", Skating rink of Moskomsport and other sports projects of the Metropolis company.

    The main issue of the speech is regulatory documentation on sports technology, which faces the following questions:

    1. 1. Lack of standards for a large number of sports and not always successful attempts to unify requirements.
    2. 2. Differences in the requirements of federations, individual associations and tournaments for each sport and the lack of financial and organizational capabilities of some sports to carry out such procedures and build their own regulatory framework.
    3. 3. Business requirements that arise when it is discovered that actual operating conditions do not meet the requirements reflected in the standards. And the need to compare the requirements of different departments (sports requirements, sanitary, fire safety, general civil).
    4. 4. Lack of standards for certain sports or a contradiction with the existing regulatory framework for exotic sports.
    5. 5. Interpretations of standards.

    The full recording of the Metropolis experts’ speech is available by the link (starts from 40 minute).

    Also traditionally, within the framework of the Arena Forum, excursions to new sports facilities were held: the Nekrasovka Sports Palace, the Severny modern pentathlon center, the international sambo and boxing center, and the Olimpiysky multi-sports complex. More than 100 people took part in the excursions, which lasted for 6 hours.