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    11 September 2018
    Seminar "Steel construction"

    Fedor Isaev, Chief Structural Engineer at Metropolis, attended this event. More than 130 representatives of the construction industry, design organizations and architectural bureaus gathered at the site.

    The expansion of the range of metal structures provides new opportunities for their use in the construction of multi-storey buildings and social infrastructure facilities. The main advantage of such construction is the speed of building the facility. Examples of implemented projects were presented at the seminar - multi-level parking lots and residential buildings using steel structures. The experience of erecting such objects shows that buildings on a metal frame are built much faster.

    When constructing high-rise buildings, developers have begun to turn more often to a metal frame, since its use reduces the load on the foundation, and the construction process is faster. Steel allows you to carry out the most daring architectural solutions and to organize the interior space of the building in a profitable way, without cluttering up the usable area and the light front with concrete columns. This technology is in demand in areas with strong seismic activity, because in a multi-storey building on a metal frame, the share of the weight of structures from the total load does not exceed 65%, while in buildings made of monolithic reinforced concrete this share is about 85%.

    Part of the speeches was devoted to the issues of updating the regulatory and technical base in the field of steel structures. At the event, they discussed the features of the calculation and design of light gauge steel framing and presented the GOST R project for external frame-sheathing walls with a frame made of light gauge steel framing.