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    Sochi, 15 February 2019
    A session of the Ministry of Construction of Russia "Smart City: from theory to practice" was held in Sochi

    On February 14, at the site of the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi, a session of the Ministry of Construction of the Russian Federation "Smart City: from theory to practice" was held.

    In 2018, the Smart City project was launched on the territory of the Russian Federation. The introduction of innovative digital and engineering solutions in urban infrastructure will improve the efficiency of urban management and make cities more comfortable and attractive for life.

    A comprehensive and phased implementation of smart solutions in all areas of urban life will increase the level of security, reduce management, housing and communal services costs, improve the city's ecology and its transport accessibility, and therefore make it attractive for investment.

    The session was moderated by Andrey Chibis, Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Communal Services of the Russian Federation.

    At the session, it was noted that the Smart City project is one of the national development priorities.

    Problems in project implementation:

    1. Insufficient data exchange between the participants of the Smart City project.
    2. Lack of funds and lack of trust between government, business and society.


    1. Creation of a mechanism for the exchange of data and best practices between project participants.
    2. Creation of conditions for more active participation in the project of business and citizens.
    3. Implementation of domestic developments.
    4. Redistribution of income between marginal and social projects.
    5. Integration of Russian projects into the international agenda.

    Key takeaways from the session:

    1. Regions successfully implement smart city practices
    2. Businesses are interested in participating in the Smart City project

    The Russian Investment Forum is a traditional platform for presenting the investment and economic potential of Russia. The main events of the forum were held at the Main Media Center of the Olympic Park in Sochi.

    The Metropolis company worked on the development of structural and engineering solutions for this facility. The uniqueness of the design of the Main Media Center was its two-stage use. The state-of-the-art information platform, which provides high-speed transmission of information by journalists around the world, received a second life after the Games, becoming a venue for major forums and conferences.