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    Stroitelny expert, 23 November 2021
    Metropolis won at the architectural contest with the project of Moscow Clinical Scientific Center named after A.S. Loginov

    News agency Stroitelny expert along with KNAUF held an open all-Russian architectural contest «The art of building a future», where participants needed to demonstrate the wide possibilities of using KNAUF products in projects of different purposes.

    The results in the category «KNAUF in the interiors of the projects with social purposes» are below:

    1. 1st place – ООО «Metropolis», Moscow. Project of the unique medical and diagnostic complex in Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center named after A.S. Loginov of Moscow Department of Healthcare Services
    2. 2nd place – UNK project and AO «Moskapstroyproekt», Moscow. Project of International sambo and boxing center

    For this complex Metropolis acted as a general designer and developed a concept, project documentation and detail design for a range of services including architectural and structural design, design of internal engineering systems and external utilities, organization of construction, etc.

    Chief engineer of the project – Dmitry Vishnyakov

    Chief architect of the project – Andrey Zakondraev

    The project involves the construction of a new high-tech multidisciplinary medical and diagnostic oncological center with a total area of 70 000 sq. m. Natural and imitating natural eco-friendly materials are widely used in interior decoration. The minimalistic finish is the background for the technological accents and details.

    Various turnkey systems are used as partitions. Also, solutions for fire protection of metal load-bearing structures based on Fireboard panels are used in the project.


    Congratulations to all the participants of the project on the win and thank you to the organizers of the contest for a high recognition of our work!

    To find more information about the results of the contest go to the «Stroitelny expert» website.