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    Rare housing formats in the real estate market

    Shakhban Kurbanov

    On March 25, 2022, the portal of the Complex of Urban Planning Policy and Construction of the City of Moscow published the material “From simple to complex: rare housing formats in the real estate market”. In this article, real estate market experts explain what the rarest and non-standard housing formats are on the market and what they look like. Shakhban Kurbanov, Chief Project Engineer at Metropolis, was invited to comment on these questions.

    According to the experts, rare housing formats include penthouses, townhouses, duplex lots, apartments with terraces or a separate entrance, chamber mansions, city villas / residences, as well as a living area with winter gardens, a patio and fireplaces, observation decks, roof windows, personal elevators, greenhouses, private relaxation areas, swimming pools, master bedrooms (with their own bathroom and dressing room) and even helipads.

    “New multifunctional formats are also emerging: for example, combined complexes of apartments and hotels, where infrastructure and services are common for both apartment residents and hotel guests. When designing premium-class residential complexes, we see an increasing number of requests for charging stations for electric vehicles, elevators for sports cars, car washes only for residents, storage lockers. In high-rise buildings, they began to equip panoramic viewing platforms for residents on the exploited roof,” Shakhban noted.

    According to him, the coronavirus pandemic has affected the needs of buyers: the demand for green areas, terraces and patios has increased.

    The demand for housing design with bay windows, panoramic and curved glazing (curved glass is a design element) is constantly growing. View characteristics of housing, privacy and unique architecture of buildings are the main requirements of recent years.

    High demands are also placed on what is hidden from view - engineering systems: supply and exhaust ventilation with fine filtration, individual air conditioning and humidification, water purification to the level of drinking water, systems for separating residents' flows when using elevators, and much more.

    Rare formats and fillings are used in many projects that Metropolis is working on. Victory Park Residences houses apartments with spacious patios overlooking the park on the ground floor of the residential complex.

    The company also has several projects for the reconstruction of cultural heritage sites. Redevelopment and reconstruction allow old buildings, mansions and former factories to transform into modern complexes and get a second life. Such residential complexes are distinguished by the prestige of the area, the privacy and intimacy of the house with a small number of apartments.

    Such buildings are restored to their historical appearance, and the content is changed in accordance with modern requirements for engineering and design solutions.

    For example, the project of the Bolshaya Dmitrovka IX de luxe apartment complex, located in the Tverskaya district, provides for the restoration of a cultural heritage site and the construction of two mansions.

    "Breed" and "Light" are new construction, and the facade of the "History" mansion is a reconstruction of a tenement house of 1903.

    Here, in a closed area, there are mansions with apartments, a vertical forest and a three-level underground parking.

    In addition, apartments with bathrooms with windows and roof terraces up to 200 sq. meters are provided.

    Rare formats also include a hotel and apartments with a common infrastructure. All the advantages of the hotel are available to the owners of the apartments.

    The Fairmont Vesper complex consists of two buildings, one of which houses a hotel, and the other apartments. They are connected by common floors, where a gastronomic restaurant, a bar, a wellness and spa area with a swimming pool, a shopping gallery, conference rooms and a parking lot are located.

    However, each building has a separate entrance. All apartments are managed by the Fairmont brand, residents have access to the infrastructure and round-the-clock hotel service.

    It also houses a penthouse that occupies the entire top floor with its own patio, separate entrance and elevator.

    Previously, it was believed that non-standard housing formats are unlikely to become a popular product on the Russian real estate market. However, over time this opinion has changed.

    Read the full material with the other experts' commentaries on the portal of the Moscow Construction Complex.