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    Delovoy Peterburg, 19 April 2019
    Live, work and rest in one place

    Dmitry Svist, Head of the Metropolis branch in St. Petersburg, told Delovoy Peterburg about the prospects for the development of mixed real estate formats.

    Within a multifunctional complex, residential, office, cultural, commercial, entertainment, sports and other functions can be combined in one project. The projects of complex development of the territory, which are currently being built in St. Petersburg, are deprived of one of the main functions of the MFC - places of work. No one is building business centers and technology parks in Murino, Shushary or in the south-west of the city, so residents of new districts travel daily to the city center and back - to and from work.

    The leaders in the construction of fully functional mixed-use complexes today are Moscow and the Krasnodar Territory. People in the capital are trying to work closer to home, minimizing travel time. In this regard, MFCs, which provide not only the opportunity to live, but also a place to work, are very popular in Moscow. On the eve of the Olympics, this trend was picked up by Sochi. For the last 3 years, the leader in the MFC segment has been the combination of "housing or apartments + offices + retail". This is what makes the design and construction of such facilities attractive in the commercial real estate market. The advantages of multifunctional buildings include the versatility of layouts, saving resources, marketing attractiveness, at the same time, there are also disadvantages: difficulties in design and construction, expensive and complex operation.

    The development of standard residential complexes can get boring sooner or later. MFC, on the other hand, is always something new, which, moreover, helps designers and architects to get better. To work with such objects, modern software products are required, since all developments are carried out using BIM technologies. In addition to investments in the means of production, investments are required in the training of personnel and the improvement of their qualifications. This is one of the advanced formats in the real estate market, which allows all parties involved in such a project to improve.

    An important aspect of working with the MFC is that the regulatory and construction documentation for this type of structure has not been fully developed. The set of rules "SP 160.1325800.2014. Multifunctional buildings and complexes. Design rules" is not sufficiently developed; when zoning premises, there are contradictions with other current regulatory documents regarding the creation of engineering and compliance with sanitary and fire safety standards. Therefore, almost all IFCs have to develop special technical conditions and use non-trivial methods for solving certain issues.

    However, we hope that this situation will not last long. Already next year, new fire and sanitary standards should come into effect. The concept of multifunctional buildings and complexes will appear in them, which will allow designers to resort to the development of special technical conditions less often.

    Despite all the existing difficulties that arise in the design and construction of multifunctional facilities, they are the future. Sooner or later, plots for infill development in St. Petersburg and other large cities will run out, and developers will have to turn to mixed formats.

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