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    IV All-Russian Engineering Forum, 14 April 2021

    On April 13, after the restrictions on holding public events were lifted, an annual thematic forum for specialists in the field of security systems design - PROproject was held as part of the SECURIKA MOSCOW 2021 exhibition.

    The main topic of the IV All-Russian Engineering Forum PROproject-2021 was the practice of implementing the requirements of new regulatory documents on fire safety.

    On March 26, Oleg Chubko, Group Leader of Communication and Signaling Systems department of the Metropolis company, took part in a series of expert interviews in preparation for the PROproject-2021 Forum. The topic of our colleague's interview was “Features of new codes of practice through the eyes of the design community”.

    On April 13, our colleagues Oleg Chubko, Group Leader of Communication and Signaling Systems department, and Alexander Korchagin, Group Leader of Communication and Signaling Systems department, visited the PROproject 2021 forum and the SECURIKA MOSCOW 2021 exhibition. The events were held at the IEC Crocus Expo, Pavilion 2.

    Among the participants in 2021 were: Dahua, Beward, SIGUR, ITV Group, Parsec, AAM Systems, NVP Bolid, Argus-Spectrum, RIELTA, Ajax, PERCo, OSK Group Holding, Pozhtekhnika, dormakaba, Wagner, DSSL, Honeywell and many other companies.

    Recording of a live broadcast on the RUBEZH TV channel

    The exhibition presents the products of the largest trading houses, including: ARMO - Systems, Satro-Paladin, Rubezh, TINCO, Torus, Security Expert, STA +, SKYROS Corporation.

    For the first time, more than 30 companies presented their equipment, including: Locator Technology, Pocketkey, Smartvizor, Remer, Mullenom Systems, KeyGuard, Vozrozhdenie, NPC Trezor, Lift-Complex, Inprice / Akuvox and others.

    This year, representatives of design and installation organizations, end customers of security systems, telecommunication systems, information security, IT infrastructure and services from 75 regions of Russia and 31 countries of the world took part in the forum and exhibition. The event was visited by representatives of the Department of Transport and Development of Road and Transport Infrastructure of the City of Moscow, the Complex of Municipal Services of the City of Moscow, the Department for Civil Defense, Emergencies and Fire Safety of the City of Moscow and the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia.