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    20 May 2022
    Application of information technologies on the Revit platform at the design stage

    Svetlana Parkhomenko

    On May 18, Svetlana Parkhomenko, Head of the BIM-technologies department at Metropolis, spoke at the seminar on the topic “Practical work on the use of information technologies on the Revit platform at the design stage”. The event was held as part of a regular workshop for the construction industry, organized by the Russian Foundation for Educational Programs "Economics and Management".

    Svetlana in her speech covered the following topics:

    1. Information modeling in Revit. Basic principles of work.
    2. Corporate and government standards. Expertise requirements for submitting a project to BIM.
    3. Organization of work on the Revit platform on the example of Metropolis projects. Basic principles and concepts. The level of detail of the model.
    4. The role of the BIM manager and BIM coordinator in the project.
    5. Coordination of models in the project. Search and elimination of collisions.
    6. Cloud service Autodesk BIM 360 as a common data environment for all participants in the design process.

    Digitization of the construction process and the mandatory transition to BIM design is one of the hottest topics for the construction community.

    For more than 10 years, Metropolis specialists have been using information modeling technologies in designing, today 100% of our projects are implemented using BIM technologies. Over the years, we have accumulated vast practical experience, which Metropolis specialists regularly share, speaking at industry venues.

    We are glad that Svetlana's speech caused a great response and keen interest among the audience!