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    Sochi, 13 October 2020
    IRONSTAR 226 SOCHI 2020

    On October 10, Sochi hosted a triathlon competition among amateurs at the “iron” distance: swimming 3.86 km, cycling 180 km, running 42.195 km. Vladimir Medvedkin, chief specialist of the HVAC department, took part in the race.

    The starting town of the competition was located in the Imeretinsky resort, near the Imeretinsky hotel. Start, finish, transit zone and main locations were within walking distance from the hotel.

    Swimming stage of the race took place in the bay of the Imeretinsky port, safely protected from waves and currents by two breakwaters. The water temperature in the bay is 2 degrees higher than in the open sea and is 24-26 degrees.

    Cycling route stretched along the federal highway Adler - Krasnaya Polyana, which was completely blocked for triathletes on the day of the competition. The participants were in for breathtaking mountain views, smooth ascent and downhill descent.

    Running stage took place along the Black Sea embankment and a jetty, from where a stunning view of the coast opens.

    Congratulations to our colleague with impressive results and wish him new sporting success and victories!