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    Construction Weekly, 17 November 2022
    The largest oncology center in the country will be put into operation this year

    In the latest issue of the Construction Weekly magazine No. 11 (940) dated November 9, 2022, an article was published about the Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center named after A.S. Loginov. The Metropolis company acted as the general designer for this project and recently received an award for it at the II All-Russian Engineering and Architectural Prize 100+ Awards in the nomination "The best engineering solution of the construction object".

    State Budgetary Healthcare Institution Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center named after A.S. Loginov is the largest oncology center in Russia, fully meeting international standards in terms of equipment.

    Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center named after A.S. Loginov

    Unique Engineering

    Dmitry Vishnyakov

    According to Dmitry Vishnyakov, Senior Project Manager at Metropolis, the design of the clinic was carried out in close contact with the customer, ANO RSI, as well as the clinic’s specialists, which made it possible to take into account all the necessary requirements of the client at an early stage and ensure maximum comfort for doctors and patients during future operation of the object.

    For this project Metropolis designed all engineering systems from power supply to communication networks and automation on his own. The object is technically complex, each of its subdivisions is unique and therefore imposes its own requirements on engineering and technological support.

    “The main difficulty was the linking of engineering systems in the space above the ceiling and on technical floors, since the height of all rooms was limited by the customer for the sake of efficiency,” says Dmitry Vishnyakov.

    In addition to engineering systems common for medical facilities, a pneumatic mail system was designed in this center. In addition to transferring documents between departments, it allows you to increase the efficiency of laboratories: samples are transferred as quickly as possible for their subsequent processing. The system increases the efficiency of the center, reducing the influence of the human factor.

    Pneumatic mail system

    For the project of improvement of the territory adjacent to the hospital named after A.S. Loginov, Metropolis was awarded the Ecological Prize of the Government of Moscow, organized by the Department of Nature Management and Environmental Protection of the city of Moscow. The victory was won in the nomination "The best project for the integrated improvement of natural and green areas of the city of Moscow."

    BIM as a key component

    “It is impossible to design such a complex object without 3D modeling,” says Dmitry Vishnyakov. - The complexity of the mutual arrangement of engineering and technological systems is so high that if the project was carried out in a two-dimensional format, then most of the collisions would have to be eliminated in place, and the use of the Autodesk Revit platform made it possible to see other systems in real time and eliminate intersections of engineering systems up to the stage of construction".

    The object is fully designed using BIM technologies, the total number of BIM models of the project is 27. The elements of the model (family) are worked out with accuracy, which contains all the necessary information for ordering equipment from a supplier.

    In their work Metropolis specialists used software plug-ins of their own design. They helped to automate many routine tasks, including area calculation and analysis, specification creation, design printing, export to other formats, receipt and processing of hole orders, as well as other tasks issued by related specialists.

    Commissioning is around the corner

    According to Dmitry Vishnyakov, the design work has been completed in full, the design documentation has received a positive conclusion from the federal autonomous organization Glavgosexpertiza of Russia, the working documentation is also 100% ready, and the procedure for obtaining a Statement of Compliance is underway to enable the facility to be put into operation. Currently, the installation of medical equipment continues and finishing work is being completed. The readiness of the facility is above 95%.

    Implemented engineering solutions:

    1. Protection of the territory from flooding due to the designed drainage system and storm sewerage;
    2. Energy efficient outdoor luminaires with low electricity consumption;
    3. Comprehensive noise protection;
    4. Thoughtful path network and bike parking;
    5. Sites with separate waste collection;
    6. Accessible environment for people with limited mobility.

    State Budgetary Healthcare Institution Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center named after A.S. Loginov in numbers:

    1. Work of more than 300 designers and more than 2,000 builders;
    2. 523 volumes (more than 10,000 sheets) of project documentation and detail design;
    3. 1,137 ventilation units;
    4. 320 aspiration fire detectors in addition to the standard ones;
    5. Automation and dispatching of 15 different engineering systems for 25,000 control data points, 5,100 sensors and 1,000 controllers;
    6. 500 kilometers of cable production;
    7. Throughput per 500,000 patients per year;
    8. 18 operating rooms, one of which is robotic;
    9. 25 bed departments.

    Read the full article about the Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center named after A.S. Loginov on the Building News Agency portal and in the online issue of the magazine (page 5), as well as the article on 100+ Awards winners on page 6.