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    Engineering Structures, 24 August 2018
    Moscow headed for transformation into a "city for people"

    Alexander Lyubartsev

    Alexander Lyubartsev, Chief Engineer of the Metropolis company, expressed his expert opinion for the Engineering Structures magazine, No. 2 (21) - 2018, regarding Moscow and its current vector of development.

    A comfortable city is a combination of architectural, transport, social, cultural, entertainment and natural complexes that allow residents to solve everyday problems and satisfy their life needs in the most convenient way.

    A comfortable city is not possible without buildings that are convenient for people, beautiful, safe, equipped with the most modern engineering and technological systems.

    For many years, Metropolis has been cooperating with the best Russian and international architectural firms. Traditionally, we work on the design of structural and engineering solutions for technically complex facilities that change the face of modern Moscow and, of course, make it more comfortable for life. Thus, the specialists of our company manage to work on large-scale urban projects: the reconstruction of the ZIL territory, the Luzhniki sports complex, the Skolkovo innovation center, etc.

    As part of the reorganization of the territory of ZIL, we are working on objects of residential, multifunctional and cultural complexes. Thus, for the Museum of Modern Art, a branch of the St. Petersburg Hermitage, we are developing a concept, design and working documentation. Particular attention is paid to the design of a high-tech ventilation system that maintains a certain microclimate in the premises for the demonstration and storage of cultural property.

    It is planned that the development of the ZIL industrial zone will give Moscow 45,000 jobs and apartments for 30,000 Muscovites. I hope that the efforts of all participants in this grandiose project will create a comfortable urban environment for work and life.

    Work on the facilities of the Luzhniki sports complex, the Grand Sports Arena, the Rhythmic Gymnastics Center and the multifunctional swimming center is a tremendous experience in working out design and engineering solutions.

    For example, the building of a multifunctional swimming center is a complex structure from an engineering point of view, which includes various technical zones.

    Through the use of innovative approaches in the design of engineering systems, climatic comfort is provided for visitors anywhere in the building. Detailed engineering solutions can significantly optimize and increase the usable area of the building, and automation of engineering equipment allows you to provide the most comfortable temperature and humidity conditions in the premises, depending on changes in external and internal factors.

    It is important that the facility is carefully designed, including taking into account the needs of people with limited mobility and the elderly, families with children.

    We are also involved in the design of a number of facilities for the Skolkovo Innovation Center, a full-fledged city of the future, where a unique ecosystem is being created to provide optimal conditions for life, research and business.

    For example, we are designing the IT-Cluster building - a corporate research center for scientific, developmental and implementation activities with administrative, office, laboratory and other service areas, including underground parking, where, among other things, charging stations for electric vehicles are provided. This facility is designed and will be built in accordance with the international LEED Silver certification system.

    Read the material in the Engineering Structures magazine, pages 54-55.