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    СЛОВО И ДЕЛО, 13 August 2020
    Electronic work books: employers' view

    Elona Balatbieva

    Since January 2020, Russians have the opportunity to switch to electronic employment record books (ERB). Each working employee will be able to submit an application to the employer by the end of the year, others can leave the labor in the usual format. Already today, every sixth employee has written an application for the transition to an electronic ERB. Elona Balatbieva, Head of the HR department of Metropolis company, gave her comment on this tool's pecuilarities for the information and analytical portal «Slovo i delo».

    “The e-book cannot be lost or damaged, the employer cannot illegally keep it, there is no need to pay the employer for the work book forms, at any time you can get information from your electronic database,” Elona lists the advantages of electronic ERB.

    "For more advanced users, it is completely customary to have an electronic employment record book, which is available at any time - it can be downloaded, sent by e-mail, saved on a computer or mobile phone, you can even remotely go through the registration procedure for work.

    However, the process of transition and maintenance of electronic ERB has not yet been completely built," Elona specifies. "There are difficulties in the processes of transferring reports and information from the employer to the PFR, but they are resolved quite quickly.

    “Many employees reacted with doubt to such innovations, but the majority support and understand all the advantages of an electronic ERB,” said the head of the HR department. "Isolation and teleworking have shown that this document handling practice is convenient".

    The biggest problem with the implementation of the service is that you can only refuse a paper employment record book once, which means that you cannot change your mind and switch back to the electronic version.

    Elona Balatbieva notes that Russians are not completely sure that when the time for retirement comes, the electronic data will not be lost and there is no need to prove the fact of work in any other way. Even the most advanced workers sometimes want to leave everything as it is - "just in case".

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