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    Construction Weekly, 27 February 2019
    BIM on the way to perfection

    Construction Weekly in the article "BIM - on the way to perfection" outlined the latest theoretical and practical aspects of the use of BIM technologies in design. The widespread introduction of information models in the design and construction processes contributes to the emergence of many discussions and discrepancies on this basis. Experts emphasize that the practical application of this technology does not always correspond to the "ideal" theory.

    Almost all experts agree that in practice there are very few examples in Russia when there is a request for the development of a BIM model of a building from concept development to dismantling.

    The publication collected the opinions of experts, both design organizations and workshops, as well as government employees. Svetlana Parkhomenko, Head of the BIM department at Metropolis, commented on the effectiveness of this technology in design, depending on the detailed study of the pool of initial requirements for the model, as well as a clear definition of the tasks that should be solved using the BIM model:

    "For the effective use of a building information model, it is necessary to clearly define the tasks that must be solved using this model. The ideal option is when all tasks are defined before the model is created.

    If we use the model at the design stage, solving the problems of analyzing structures, calculating technical and economic indicators, coordinating engineering networks, obtaining working documentation, then we just need to get a 3D model of the building with all the necessary information component.

    At the construction stage, each element of the building can be linked to the calendar-network schedule, thus, the model will be supplemented by the "time" component. Models that contain information about the time of construction of model elements are 4D models.

    5D design includes the models that contain information about the cost of model elements.

    Thus, 4D and 5D design will help to carry out visual planning of the construction of the facility and control the cost of funds.

    The model that will be used during the operation phase should contain information that will help automate the management of the technical services of the building, as well as information about the planned maintenance of equipment. A model with this information will correspond to the 6D information model. Operation is the longest part of a building's life cycle, so automation and proper use of resources can significantly reduce the cost of maintenance of a construction site".

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