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    Construction Weekly, 10 August 2021
    New ways of interacting with candidates on constructional labour market

    Elona Balatbieva

    August issue of "Construction Weekly" contains an article with Elona Balatbieva, Head of HR department of Metropolis, commenting on the state of labour market in the field of architectural and constructional design and implementing additional channels of interacting with potential candidates:

    «For the last 3-5 years there is a constant strong demand on the specialists with higher education and working experience in the field of architectural and constructional design. Now the number of vacancies in the field tallies more than 8-9 thousand. Most of the demand is coming from Moscow (21%), St. Petersburg (14%) and other cities of over 1 million. And it’s not surprising as the majority of the intellectual resource of constructional field is concentrated in these cities.

    High demand on engineering specialists is induced by not only the generational demographic pitfall but also fall of status of engineering specialties in 90-s and early 2000-s. Today the market is showing a definite quantitative and qualitative drop in supply of the specialists willing and able to work on complex projects.

    Our company works on all stages of project design – Concept, Project documentation, Tender documentation, Working documentation, Author supervision and Technical audit. Many projects Metropolis had realized can be qualified as complex and unique, including sports objects of international level, healthcare objects, objects of cultural significance, tall multifunctional complexes, water parks and so on.

    The complexity and uniqueness of the projects as well as changes on the labour market encourage us to go beyond using traditional tools of attracting employees with the help of recruiting services and develop new ways. For the last 2-3 years we started to work more closely with sectoral specialized universities. For instance, we hold case championships among senior students of SPbGASU and NRU MGSU, where we identify effective teams and talented individuals, encourage them with internship at Metropolis and offer jobs for the best of them. We can already state that this approach proved its efficiency and our offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg welcomed young specialists who seamlessly integrated into our working processes. We are planning to use this approach in other cities with Metropolis subsidiaries as well – Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod.

    The pipeline of projects our company is working on is constantly grows so we need to implement additional channels of interacting with potential candidates. Not long ago we launched a referral program called «Bring a friend!» to attract new employees in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan and Nizhny Novgorod. The program provides monetary reward for each employee that recommended a friend who was hired and eventually passed the probation period. We’ll evaluate the effectiveness of this program later, but now we can already say that it has increased the number of incoming resumes by 17%».

    Read the full article on ASN Info website.