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    Moscow, 30 December 2021
    Alliance of experience and inspiration

    The Moscow Perspective representative met with the General Director of Metropolis, Alexander Vorozhbitov, just a couple of days after the official opening of the renewed GES-2. The territory of the former power plant has become a new cultural space in Moscow. Metropolis is directly related to the project, so the conversation began with a discussion of the features of this object.

    - What exactly was the participation of Metropolis in this massive and significant project?

    This is an essential project for us, which we have been working on for more than five years. For the GES-2 project Metropolis has developed a Concept, a Project, Tender and Detail documentation. Structural solutions have been implemented and internal engineering systems, as well as on-site networks have been worked out. It was a great honor for us to take part in such a large international consortium. There are only a few such unique objects in the city, and it is unlikely that something like this will appear in the coming years. During the work on GES-2, our team has gained tremendous experience, incomparable in complexity with other projects.

    - Did you have any experience with historical buildings before that?

    Yes, sure, but the peculiarity of this particular project is that it is the oldest one in terms of the date of construction that we have ever worked with. The building is over 100 years old and has a great cultural and historical heritage. In the course of the work, a lot of tasks were implemented that belonged to the category of research. Architecture, structure and engineering were so intertwined that strong team communication and project management skills were necessary. The requirements for the detailing of structural and engineering sections were very high; there was practically not a single typical or repetitive solution in the project.

    - Besides the cultural facilities, your portfolio also includes sports and social facilities.

    Over the years, we have implemented over 500 projects. Among them are objects of various functional purposes, including the facilities in the Luzhniki sports cluster, infrastructure projects in Sochi, a football stadium in Krasnodar. Now we are designing a number of healthcare facilities, where we act as a general designer. For example, the Moscow Clinical Scientific and Practical Center named after A.S. Loginov is in an active stage of construction and will be completed in 2023. The emergency department of the city clinical hospital named after S.P. Botkin is also under construction.

    - This year your company has been highly regarded by the professional community and has won several prestigious awards...

    Metropolis is the winner of the 100+ Awards 2021, known as the Engineering Oscar, in the categories for «Best Engineering Solution – Non-Residential, High-Rise or Unique Building» and «Best Structural Solution – Residential Building». We received these awards for the Neva Towers and ZILART DIAMOND projects. We have accumulated rich expertise in the design of such facilities. Now most of the objects that are in our work are high-rise, unique or technically complex structures. We gradually gained experience in the design of high-rise buildings. The baptism of fire was the participation in the design of some engineering sections of the Federation Tower as part of the Moscow City. And the most interesting was the work on the Evolution tower.

    - These towers have become iconic dominant elements of the city, like the Stalinist skyscrapers. Perhaps they will teach students on their example?

    I think in 20 years such skyscrapers will become repeatable and frequently used solutions. I am more appealed by the idea that the textbooks will most likely include our experience of working with GES-2 – this is a unique, one-of-a-kind project. Our object in Sevastopol, the Choreographic Academy at Cape Khrustalny, deserves the same attention. There are also many interesting architectural, structural and engineering solutions.

    - By the way, about working with students. You have an interesting experience in this regard.

    We are growing quite fast, our staff is now more than 450 employees. And we have a need for more specialists. But there is a gap between academic education and business needs. Architectural and construction design is developing rapidly, applying new techniques and technologies. The competencies of university graduates have to grow in the process of working on specific projects. Since 2018, we have been cooperating with the country’s leading industry universities and holding case contests. The case contest is a competition of student teams in solving practical problems based on real projects. Our company initiates this kind of competition, as it is a global educational trend that helps participants to develop their skills (soft skills and hard skills), and employers – to personally meet talented young people. Based on the results of the case contests, Metropolis invites winning teams, as well as stand-out participants for an internship, as a result of which many remain to work in the company.

    - Your company is among the top 100 employers in its segment.

    We’re doing our best. This year, 20 employees who have worked for the company for 10 years will be awarded. It is pleasant to note that more than 40 specialists already work with this status in the company. We are trying to create a competitive market by developing the qualifications of both experienced and young specialists, raising the status of engineering specialties in Russia. Thus, this year we opened a new office in Nizhny Novgorod, and now we have four offices, including also the ones in Moscow, Kazan and St. Petersburg.

    - You have reaffirmed your status as the BIM leader in Russia by becoming a winner of the competition organized by Autodesk.

    We are winning this competition for the second time. Now 100% of the projects we are working on are carried out using BIM technologies. We also develop our own plugins on the Revit platform to increase the productivity of designers. In their work, the company's employees use more than 30 specialized software systems.

    - What will you and your colleagues raise a glass of champagne for, seeing off the outgoing year 2021?

    We are happy to raise glasses to the success in the next 2022 of both our team and our customers and partners. Operating in the B2B segment, we remember that we work with the people and for the people. We are always glad when construction is completed and the «object» becomes a beautiful and comfortable «home». And it doesn't matter if people live, work or rest in it. We hope that in the coming year, more happy people will raise their glasses of champagne in the spaces that are designed by the Metropolis team.

    Metropolis wins in 2021:

    1. Moscow Government Environmental Award for «The best project for the complex improvement of natural and green areas in the city of Moscow»
    2. Best for Life Design Award in the category «Best Design Bureau»
    3. 100+ Awards in the category «Best Engineering Solution – Non-Residential, High-Rise or Unique Building»
    4. 100+ Awards in the category «Best Structural Solution – Residential Building»
    5. BIM-leader of Russia
    6. Sport Business Awards in the category «Best Design Bureau»
    7. «TOP-100 Best employers in Russia» by HeadHunter

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