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    Moscow Perspective, 14 September 2021
    What will the future Moscow look like?

    Alexander Vorozhbitov

    In a special issue of "Moscow Perspective" dedicated to City Day there is a question addressed to construction market’s leaders – how do they see Moscow of the future? Alexander Vorozhbitov, General Director of Metropolis, gave his answer alongside such experts as Director of architectural bureau «ABTB» Timur Bashkaev, General Director of AO «Mosmetrostroy» Sergey Zhukov and General Director of «RG-Development» Tatyana Tikhonova, and it goes like this:

    «Moscow of the future is a holistic friendly environment where solicitous attitude to architectural heritage goes side by side with modern technological solutions; it’s a city that quickly reacts to needs of society.

    Moscow of the future is a smart city that is human-oriented. Beside comfortable housing people want accessibility to the objects of social infrastructure – educational, medical, sporting and cultural institutions that also consider the needs of people with limited mobility.

    We see a demand for green solutions and nature within the buildings. We are already reacting to this rising trend by implementing the most sophisticated technology and methods of design, including BIM- and CFD-modeling.

    Another significant trend of the cities with rich history is redevelopment and reconstruction, when obsolete territories, buildings and structures turn into beautiful functional city objects that keep their architectural image for future generations. For example, during reconstruction of Grand Sports Arena of Luzhniki and GES-2 cultural space their original façade was preserved after full renovation of constructive and engineering solutions.

    Moscow is evolving in a dynamic and holistic way, becoming a more modern and functional city that has its citizens as a center of its attention. We as Metropolis are glad to be part of these positive changes, making our contribution into Moscow’s development as a world class megapolis».

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