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    Moscow, 23 December 2021
    Metropolis at the «Steel Construction» seminar

    On December 16, the Steel Construction Development Association (SCDA) held an online seminar on the current aspects of designing buildings on a steel frame. This is one of the most significant events in the construction industry, where leading experts in the field discuss burning issues related to the important aspects of the construction of metal objects.

    Many topics of importance to the industry were covered, including the register of designers, training events, software for designers, fire resistance, earthquake resistance, new materials in steel construction, completed projects, new design software capabilities.

    Sergey Rudnev

    Sergey Rudnev, Chief Project Structural Engineer at Metropolis, participated in an online industry seminar for designers of buildings using steel structures, where he presented a report called «Steel structures in the project of redevelopment of the urban space of the House of Culture GES-2 in Moscow».

    Sergey Rudnev’s presentation at the «Steel Construction» seminar

    First of all, he gave credit to the international project team, which includes Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Belvedere Architecture, Milan Ingegneria, Arup, APEX Project Bureau and other companies. The well-coordinated work of all parties made it possible to carry out this complex project at a very high level, despite all the challenges. In addition, Sergey noted that the implemented project and the render made several years ago are identical.

    The renovation was carried out with great attention to detail and numerous nuances. It was necessary to preserve significant historical elements, while adapting them to new conditions and new functionality. In particular, Sergey spoke about the strengthening of historical Shukhov farms, which was carried out in the design position without dismantling. A load-bearing capacity was added that the brick walls which have been recognized as a cultural heritage and fully preserved could not provide. The nodes for supporting the floors on reinforced concrete cores, on suspensions, as well as on steel columns, which have already been tested by the first guests of the House of Culture, were shown. A crucial amount of work has been done on the coordination of steel floor structures, precast concrete structures and their fastenings, and engineering systems, which was helped by modern software. Finally, Sergey spoke about the design and structure of the pipes, about their air intake function, about the calculations done for the wind load taking into account pulsation and for resonant vortex excitation.

    Also among the speakers were the representatives of such companies as Central Research Institute for Steel Structures named after V.A. Kucherenko, SCAD Soft, LIRA Soft, OMK, Central Research and Design Institute of The Ministry of Construction, Housing and Utilities of Russia, Megalit, NZMK, Andrometa, Time Steel, Trimble Solutions.

    SCDA sets itself the task of promoting steel structures in the civil construction segment. These are residential buildings, schools, hospitals and social facilities. To this end, the association is systematically working to update and supplement the existing regulatory framework and further remove restrictions on the use of metal. This is where the work of the designer is important, which helps to reveal the advantages of metal over traditional materials.

    You can watch the full seminar on the SCDA YouTube channel.