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    23 May 2018
    Positive conclusion on the project of a residential complex at Avtozavodskaya

    On May 23, 2018, a positive conclusion was received from the Moscow State Expertise on the project of a multifunctional residential complex located on site No. 34 at the address: Moscow, Avtozavodskaya st., 23.

    Metropolis specialists previously developed Project documentation for engineering solutions and special sections for Lot 9 and Lot 10, as well as for design solutions for Lot 10. In connection with the engineering and geodetic surveys and the refinement of design solutions, the Project documentation required a serious adjustment of design solutions on architectural, constructive, technological and engineering sections. The Project documentation was corrected in a short time and re-agreed at the Moscow State Expertise.

    The residential complex is being built as part of the redevelopment project for the industrial area of the Likhachev Plant and is part of the Zilart residential complex. The complex consists of two multi-storey residential buildings (lots 9 and 10) united by a common underground parking lot. The object belongs to unique buildings (height 150 m).