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    ASN-info, 13 August 2018
    Hey you up there...

    Good sound insulation is a necessary and important factor in the comfortable living of citizens in their apartments. How quiet it will be in them depends largely on what technologies were involved in the construction of the house.

    Currently, many owners of "noisy" apartments are engaged in soundproofing themselves or resort to the services of specialized companies.

    Dmitry Gorbik

    Dmitry Gorbik, Chief Project Engineer of the Metropolis company, gave a comment to ASN-info on the topic of sound insulation and advised what could be done to eliminate noise in a residential apartment.

    In his opinion, first of all it is necessary to establish the source of noise. Sometimes this is not an easy task, especially when the source of the noise is the engineering equipment of the building: “The most common example is footstep noise from the neighbors above. The best solution to this problem: by agreement with the neighbors, lay sound insulation under the floor screed of the neighbor's apartment. As sound insulation, you can use "TermoZvukoIzol" mats or specialized acoustic mineral wool boards, the range of the latter is quite wide. The basic principle for soundproofing is to ensure that there are no rigid connections between the floor slab, walls and floor screed,” says the specialist.

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