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    Moscow region today, 16 November 2018
    White collars coming

    Regional authorities will compensate the investors, who are engaged in the construction of offices, part of the costs incurred. This type of commercial real estate in the Moscow region is in great demand: more and more large companies are based outside the Moscow Ring Road.

    Olga Shevchenko, Chief Project Engineer of the Metropolis company, gave a comment to the "Moscow region today" publication. Olga noted that in order to increase demand for commercial real estate, it is necessary to develop infrastructure facilities, improve transport accessibility, and have large retail spaces. Indeed, for most applicants, these factors are an important aspect when applying for a job.


    The authorities of the Moscow region since the next year intend to introduce a new measure of support for office investors. According to Denis Butsaev, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Moscow Region, developers who build business centers will be reimbursed for part of the construction costs incurred. It is assumed that the amount of compensation will be up to 20% of the total costs.


    Analysts have calculated that almost a third of the region's able-bodied population goes to work in the capital. The authorities are interested in reducing commuting, and for this it is necessary to provide people with jobs close to home.


    More than 1 million sq. m of offices are built in the Moscow region. Most of the objects are business parks of B or C class, so they belong to the economy segment. As a rule, when decorating such business centers, inexpensive materials are used, and their location is not always convenient.

    The demand for class A and B+ properties with high-quality repairs and secure parking is much higher. Typically, such facilities are built in the central part of the city. This segment, according to experts, will be actively developing in the near future.