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    18 May 2012
    Metropolis on Elbrus

    Elbrus (or Mingitau) - "... a mountain like a thousand mountains!" - a dormant volcano located in the very center of the Caucasus, the highest two-headed peak in Europe (5,642 m above sea level).

    Elbrus is one of the seven highest peaks of the continents. The Elbrus region is famous for its picturesque gorges located at an altitude of 2,000 m above sea level and more. Above 3500 m, glacial landforms are widespread. At a lower level (3500 - 2100 m) there are many picturesque waterfalls.

    Thanks to our employee Sergey Egorov, a part of Metropolis also conquered this peak. For the first time in history, the flag of our company visited Elbrus!