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    Moscow, 20 May 2019
    ARCH Moscow - 2019

    From May 15 to May 19, 2019, the 24th International Exhibition of Architecture and Design ARCH Moscow was held at the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall. This year, the ARCH Moscow for the first time was held not in the usual Central House of Artists, but in a new place - in the Manezh.

    The change of venue is an excellent opportunity to analyze the established traditions and look at the issues that have been raised in the past from a new angle.

    ARCH Moscow is a communication platform that brings together leading foreign and Russian architectural and design bureaus, developers, as well as manufacturers and distributors of exclusive materials. The curatorial work on the preparation of projects, the selective approach to inviting participants and the extensive program of events serve as a guarantee of quality and allow the project to be positioned as the main professional and cultural event in Moscow.

    ARCH Moscow is the best platform for establishing contacts in the field of architecture, design, development and construction.

    Exhibition curator: Ilya Mukosey - architect, journalist, teacher at the Design School of the Institute of Social Sciences of the RANEPA, founder of the architectural bureau mukosey.

    Curator's Manifesto: Old and new, like yin and yang - the two fundamental principles of the urban environment. The nature of each of these components is complex and contradictory. Old - reliability, traditions, memory, but at the same time backwardness, dilapidation, desolation. New - progress, development, forward movement, but also risk, uncertainty, oblivion of the past. Clearing a place for the new, we often lose the old, and the new is sometimes short-lived and rather soon loses its novelty - it becomes old. In order for the old to last longer, it must be updated periodically. The old is experience, the new is hope.

    The employees of Metropolis visited the exhibition with great interest. Discussing what they saw, our colleagues noted several projects that attracted their professional attention.

    Special project "Balance"

    Curator: Maria Nikolaeva, Head of MAD Architects
    With the participation of architectural bureaus Megabudka and IQ

    "Balance" is a unique author's project that united three architectural bureaus into a single creative tandem to find balance.

    Created as a result of reflections on the nature of balance, the art object calls for reflection on the essence of elements and contradictions in various fields, not only the professional community, but also the general public. The Balance installation is being created by the architectural bureaus MAD architects, Megabudka and IQ with the support of the New Balance sportswear brand.

    The project caused a resonance, touching on topics that are relevant to everyone: the issues of recycling raw materials, shifting the focus of material accumulation to the accumulation of impressions, monumentality and temporality, expressed the concept of balance in form and made all this, in fact, from garbage - shoe boxes.

    The project is recognized as the best special project of this year!

    International project New Publics

    Architects: Sergey Tchoban, Alexandra Sheiner
    Exposition curators: Gokan Karakush (Istanbul), Anna Martovitskaya (Moscow)

    Architectural magazine speech:, GAD Foundation and the Turkish Embassy in the Russian Federation presented a joint exhibition project dedicated to the best implementations of modern Turkish architects in the genre of public spaces and public buildings. These buildings, dated 2000-2019, are an important contribution to shaping the appearance of the cities of modern Turkey and, no doubt, have become a catalyst for the development of national architecture. To present the projects of their Turkish colleagues, the architects created an installation in the form of a wooden "flying carpet", embodying both the original traditions of this eastern power and the idea of ​​a modern urban lounge.

    Our architects especially liked and remembered the Japanese architect Yusuke Takasahi, who demonstrated in his presentation new trends in architecture and design, harmoniously inscribed in the traditions of this unique country on the example of the city of Kyoto.

    “House of the Future Today” is the name of one of the stands at the exhibition. Young architectural firms showed their futuristic housing concepts.

    The official RBC Real Estate channel on YouTube

    During the five days of the exhibition, over 100 events took place at the five discussion platforms located at both levels of the Manezh Central Exhibition Hall - lectures, presentations, discussions and round tables, which were attended by famous Russian and foreign architects and designers, as well as representatives of state institutions, industry associations and development companies.