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    17 April 2023
    Metropolis remains a member of The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) in 2023

    Metropolis extended its membership in the largest international organization CTBUH until the end of 2023. The company has been a permanent member of the organization for 10 years, since 2013.

    The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) was formed in 1969 and is now the world’s leading nonprofit organization in the field of high-rise construction and urban development. The Council serves as a platform for both cutting-edge information-share and business networking for all companies and professionals focused on the inception, design, construction, and operation of cities, and the buildings they comprise. In particular, it runs hundreds of multidisciplinary programs across the world each year, through its regional chapters and expert committees; its annual conferences and global awards program; through funded research projects and academic collaborations; and via its extensive online resources and physical outputs.

    The Council is also known for its list of the 100 tallest buildings in the world. This list includes objects designed by the Metropolis company, in particular, Federation Tower and Neva Towers. In total, 10 high-rise structures over 150 m are registered in the organization's database, in the implementation of which Metropolis took part.

    The Council member network embraces more than a million professionals working in all building industry sectors in almost all countries of the world: architects, engineers, investors, owner-developers, occupier-tenants, government agencies, urban planners, contractors, infrastructure experts, cost consultants, building managers, legal firms, material-system suppliers, academics, and many more.

    We are delighted to be part of a global community that drives urban development and shares knowledge and experience to build unique and high-rise buildings more efficiently and reliably.