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    The WEST GARDEN residential complex is a business-class quarter, which includes nineteen monolithic buildings with a height of 12 to 14 floors.

    WEST GARDEN is located at the intersection of Minskaya Street with the Kiev direction of the Moscow Railway in the floodplain of the Ramenka River. The Ramenki district is located in the prestigious Western District of the capital and has a low building density. The area is called the embassy and representative district, since it is here that the leading university of the country - Moscow State University and 16 representative offices of foreign countries are located. The quarter occupies an area of ​​20 hectares near Mosfilmovskaya and Starovolynskaya streets, not far from Staromozhaisky and Vorobyovskoye highways, Universitetsky, Lomonosovsky, Michurinsky, Kutuzovsky avenues, a few hundred meters from the Minskaya metro station (within a radius of two kilometers there are Slavyansky Boulevard metro stations , "Filevsky Park", "Victory Park" and "Pionerskaya"). Nearby is the Matveevskaya platform, from which you can get to the Kievsky railway station in ten minutes.

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    The courtyard space will be organized as a large central promenade with picturesque islands of colorful gardens. For the comfort of the guests of the complex, zones with parking spaces have been created, and for the residents of the complex - an underground parking with storage rooms.

    The West Garden's own infrastructure includes several kindergartens and secondary schools, a variety of shops, coffee shops, pharmacies, service services and health facilities.

    WEST GARDEN houses are mid-rise, 12-14 storeys high. This height is optimal for creating an atmosphere of comfort and coziness. The project is characterized by a low building density, residents will be in a constant sense of space and air.

    The location of the houses on the territory is designed in such a way that from each apartment the most attractive views of the city skyline or the blossoming inner garden in the courtyard can be seen.

    Other features and advantages of West Garden are the author's architecture, facades faced with stone, brick and fiber-reinforced concrete, panoramic windows, multi-level ground parking for 1600 cars, concierge service, closed to outsiders, 24-hour security, equipped embankment of the Ramenka river with an area of ​​about 7 hectares with walking paths, bike paths and sports grounds, as well as areas for mass festivities as part of the inner infrastructure of the quarter, cozy courtyards with playgrounds, fields for sports games and complex landscaping.

    In the immediate vicinity of the West Garden there are Matveevsky Forest and the Setun River Valley nature reserve. Nearby is also the natural reserve "Vorobyovy Gory", Victory Park, the Botanical Garden of Moscow State University, Mosfilm Pond and the Ramenka River. The windows of the middle and upper floors of the block offer scenic views of the nearest green and water spaces.

    Figures and facts
    • Location Moscow, floodplain of the Ramenka river
    • Area 91 160 m2
    • Built-up area 200 000 m2
    • Number of storeys 12-14
    • Status Construction in progress
    • Architecture Speech
    • Developer INTECO
    • Website west garden
    Scope of work
    • Design stages Concept

      Project documentation
    • Architectural and structural design Structural solutions
    • Design of internal engineering systems Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

      Water supply and sewerage systems

      Power supply systems

      Low-current system

      Automation and dispatching systems