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    17 December 2019
    AVOK master class

    On December 17, the AVOK master class “Providing a microclimate and energy saving in indoor swimming pools. Design standards" took place.

    The master class was hosted by:
    Alexey Krotov, Chief Specialist and Deputy Head of the HVAC department of Metropolis;
    Valery Vorontsov, expert, Head of the group for the development of the AVOK Recommendations “Ensuring the microclimate and energy saving in indoor swimming pools. Design standards";
    Alexander Kolubkov, Vice President of «AVOK».

    Location: Palace of water sports "Luzhniki". The swimming center was built and put into operation in November 2019 on the site of the old pool built in 1956.

    The aqua complex is one of the largest in Europe and the world. Its area is 51800 sq. m. The water mirror is 4000 sq. m. The five-story building of the aqua complex includes three sports pools measuring 50 and 25 meters, an aqua park with water slides and entertainment pools, a thermal and health complex, gyms, a fitness center, a boxing club, a children's sports center, a food court, etc., at the underground level car parking.

    During the development of the facility, the most modern technologies, the best engineering and planning solutions, expensive and high-quality materials were used. All engineering solutions were aimed at a comfortable stay for visitors to the swimming center and energy-efficient operation of the facility.

    During the technical tour, the audience was clearly shown design and engineering solutions for ventilation and air conditioning, smoke ventilation, refrigeration, and automation.