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    RUBEZH, 23 May 2022
    What support measures does the security systems market expect from the state?

    Our colleagues Sergey Grigoriev, Head of Communication and Signaling Systems department, Moscow, and Larisa Bardasova, Leading Engineer of Communication and Signaling Systems department, Kazan, expressed their expert opinion on possible government measures aimed at supporting participants in the security systems market. The material was published on the website of the information and analytical journal RUBEZH on May 19, 2022.

    Sergey Grigoriev
    Head of Communication and Signaling Systems department
    Metropolis, Moscow

    Larisa Bardasova
    Leading Engineer of Communication and Signaling Systems department
    Metropolis, Kazan

    “Given the evolutionary global nature of the world economy, the production of almost any complex product cannot do without an import component, be it software, microchips, specialized additives or, for example, finished electronic devices. And until recently, it was economically beneficial when highly specialized companies were engaged in the production of a profile component in their segment. By focusing on one area, they could develop technologies, accumulate expertise and become leaders in their niche.

    In the current conditions, all the pros of using a highly specialized import component have turned into cons. Quickly reorienting in the new conditions becomes an extremely difficult task. For various kinds of technological processes, the re-equipment time can vary from several months to several years, but this must be done.

    With the right approach to change and effective government support, the current challenging environment can be turned into an opportunity. The business will work with any challenges, provided that demand for goods and services remains. At the moment, demand is as high as ever and will only continue to grow. The basic task of a business is to satisfy this demand.

    Representing the interests of designers of signaling and communication systems in these difficult conditions, we expect the state to support the manufacturers' market in a balanced way.

    We believe that in the sector of signaling and communication systems, government support is needed for the companies involved in:

    1. creation or further development of new domestic operating systems, accounting and office software products;
    2. creation or further development of software products of the 3D design environment (BIM, CAD);
    3. creation of own software sub-products (modules) for designing security and communication systems;
    4. production of microelectronic components;
    5. production of ready-made high-tech electronic devices (controllers, video cameras, amplifiers, detectors);
    6. production of microchips/processors and software for them.

    The state can support the key players in the security systems market financially, in particular with grants for:

    1. development of new technical and technological means and their components to cover the current demand and implement full-fledged import substitution;
    2. increasing the production capacity of domestic producers;
    3. maintaining current production facilities, many of which are also based on imported equipment.

    In turn, design, construction and installation companies expect from the state:

    1. easing in tax legislation for the business of construction and design activities;
    2. subsidies or additional tax incentives for businesses that are a customer of construction projects;
    3. new state competitions (tenders) in the field of design and construction of infrastructure facilities;
    4. participation in investment or provision of soft loans for projects of key importance in the country (factories, hospitals, schools, road infrastructure);
    5. participation in attracting investors in the field of construction on the territory of the Russian Federation from countries that do not support sanctions against Russia;
    6. participation in attracting and strengthening the presence of foreign manufacturers from countries that do not support sanctions against Russia, at the level of opening representative offices, production facilities on the territory of the Russian Federation;
    7. funding for the development of new and support for the development of existing domestic CAD products, BIM technologies, operating systems, accounting and office software products.

    The Metropolis company specializes in the general design of civil engineering and industrial buildings. We develop the design documentation for future structures, according to which the parameters of materials and basic equipment are selected. This documentation can be at any stage, and also cover all areas of engineering, including communication and signaling systems. Actively interacting with other companies in the industry, we are closely connected with the manufacturing market and the construction market.

    Manufacturers of equipment, customers, design, construction and installation organizations - all of us, to one degree or another, are parts of the security systems market. Without proper timely support from the state and all market players, the activities of many companies can stop forever, causing significant damage to the entire economy.”

    Read the full material on the RUBEZH website.