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    The multifunctional residential complex Level Yuzhnoportovaya is located in the northern part of the Pechatniki district, a 10-minute walk from the Kozhukhovskaya metro station.

    The first stage consists of 5 residential buildings with a height of 225, 82.5, 64.75, 51.5, 98.7 meters with 69, 24, 18, 14 and 29 floors respectively. The buildings are united by a single-level underground car park, the roof of which is a landscaped courtyard. In the above-ground part of the building, they are united by a four-story stylobate with residential apartments, an office part and non-residential public premises on the 1st floors.

    3 out of 5 towers of the first stage are high-rise buildings, and the 225-meter building will be the tallest comfort-class building in Moscow.

    The towers are sheathed with aluminum panels, and the four-story stylobate is lined with brick. All this gives the building a particularly expressive appearance.

    The architecture of the facades of the buildings, designed by the SPEECH bureau, is inspired by the dynamics of water. The courtyard, landscaped by Gafa studio, is designed in a similar way to Central Park in New York.

    The range of works performed by Metropolis includes architectural and construction design and design of internal engineering systems at the stage of Project Documentation.

    Completion of the construction of the first stage of Level Yuzhnoportovaya is expected in 2026.

    Figures and facts
    • Year 2022
    • Location Moscow, Yuzhnoportovaya st., 28A, building 17
    • Area 106,420 m2
    • Height 51.5 to 225 m
    • Number of storeys 14 to 69
    • Number of underground storeys 1
    • Architecture SPEECH
    • Developer Level Group
    • Website
    Scope of work
    • Design stages Project documentation
    • Architectural and structural design Structural solutions
    • Design of internal engineering systems Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems

      Water supply and sewerage systems

      Power supply systems

      Low-current system

      Automation and dispatching systems