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    ABD Architects
    Architectural bureau that successfully works in Russian market since 1991 and operates in two directions: architecture and interiors.
    AFI Development
    AFI Development is an international development company included in the list of backbone enterprises in the construction industry in Russia.
    ANO "Development of Social Infrastructure"
    Autonomous non-profit organization "Development of Social Infrastructure" works in the field of architecture, design and construction of social infrastructure facilities in Moscow and other cities of Russia.
    ANT Development
    The company is part of one of the world's largest (Top 250) construction holdings Ant Yapi and has a 30-year experience in development all over the world.
    AO "Management of Experimental Development of Neighborhoods"
    AO "Management of Experimental Development of Neighborhoods" was established in February 1994 in accordance with the Decree of the Government of Moscow, with the aim of introducing and implementing practical ideas in the construction complex of the city.
    Complex design of residential and public buildings.
    AR group
    AR group is one of the largest developers in Sochi, specializing in the implementation of residential properties of various formats and price segments (comfort, business and premium class).
    Architectural Dialogue with Megapolis
    The name ADM - "Architectural Dialogue with Megapolis" reflects the main direction of the company's activity. The architectural studio specializes in designing buildings for the modern city.
    The development company ASTERUS operates in the residential and commercial real estate market in Moscow, managing Russian and global investment funds.
    Asymptote Architecture
    Architecture. Design. Urbanism.
    Aukett Swanke
    Architecture. Design. Urbanism.