The water sports palace on the territory of the Luzhniki open for visitors

After reconstruction on November 16, the Luzhniki opened the largest in Moscow and one of the largest aquatic complexes in Europe.

Shopping without fire

Shopping centers are one of the most popular commercial real estate objects among the population and investors, but the events of 2018 have shaken their appeal. How do designers of modern shopping and entertainment complexes respond to new challenges?

Energy Efficiency Trend

The required energy efficiency of buildings cannot be achieved without the use of new technologies and materials, which must be financially affordable and payback.

From generation to generation

How was the reconstruction of the roof of the Grand Sports Arena "Luzhniki" stadium before preparing to hold a world championship in 2018.

If housing is more expensive, is it safer?

How modern buildings are protected from fire and how do security systems depend on the class and cost of housing?