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The business center with a height of up to 256 meters consists of two towers with a height of 34 (Time Tower) and 61 (Space Tower) floors. The towers are located on an 8-story podium, which will house a fitness center with a swimming pool, dining room, cafes and restaurants, services, retail, waiting areas and parking.

iCity features comfortable floor plans up to 1960 square meters with utilities in the core of the building, as well as spectacular sky terraces for relaxation.

Sky terraces are premises with a recreational function as part of the office space located on the north-eastern and north-western facades of the towers, grouped vertically. Concrete floors between the sky terraces, as conceived by the author of the project, were replaced with tempered translucent glass, which creates a wow effect for users, and in the dark, effectively highlights the lines of the facades with the help of designer lighting.

iCity uses the latest developments in smart systems, automation and energy efficiency smart bulding - the concept of "smart architecture".

The iCity towers are planned to be equipped with the most modern office systems.

This applies to both biometric access to coworking spaces and natural ventilation, a sophisticated and economical lighting system, air recovery, underfloor ventilation and many other innovative solutions in the field of heating and ventilation.

Skyscraper iCity promises to become one of the most comfortable and technologically advanced office complexes not only in Moscow, but throughout Russia.



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