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The Discovery Park residential complex is located on the border with the Khimki Forest Park and not far from the largest reservoir in Moscow. Its modern buildings are named after the great dreamers who made great discoveries - Mendeleev, Newton, Aristotle and Da Vinci. The buildings are united by a three-story stylobate, which will house infrastructure: an early development center, a fitness center, a supermarket, shops and cafes, and household services. For the comfort of residents, there are strollers, washers for dogs' paws, entrance to the porch at ground level, general grocery carts for unloading the car.

Discovery Park is a comfortable and inspiring place to live in the north of the capital, which will be an ideal platform for the fulfillment of your ideas. He is inspired by the most striking and progressive representatives of different eras, whose inventions and dreams became the driver of the development of all mankind and contributed to moving forward.

Discovery Park is a project that combined Russian and British talents in one residential complex. Teams of professionals have created buildings and a comfortable functional area.

Metropolis carried out an audit of engineering systems. The author of the architectural solutions is Speech Bureau. The project developer was MR Group.

The beautification was done by the Gillespies bureau. It used the natural features of the territory in the context of the architectural solution and developed an exploited stylobate roof, which will become a private recreation area for all residents of the residential complex. The public areas and themed lobbies were handled by the Oleg Klodt Architecture & Design team.



Total area

106 500


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