Residential complex "Bolshaya Dmitrovka IX"

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"Bolshaya Dmitrovka IX" is a complex of class de luxe apartments located on the street of the same name in the Tverskoy district of Moscow. The complex occupies three six-story club buildings - "History", "Breed" and "Light".

The main one of the mansions is the "History", whose facades look directly onto the street. The facade of the "History" is decorated with tiles and decorated with preserved masks of the Egyptian pharaohs and is designed for 32 apartments. History is an architectural monument of the late 19th century. The author of the mansion is Adolf Erichson, a Russian architect with Swedish roots, who created more than 40 Moscow buildings and houses.

The other two mansions "Ligh" and "Breed" for 32 apartments each are made in a more modern style. The mansions are located away from the street, closer to the private courtyard.

The facades of the Svet mansion are made of white architectural concrete. A special highlight of the house are French balconies with cast-iron fencing and vertical landscaping.

"Breed" is characterized by dark facades that are designed using rocky rocks - granite and quartzite.

A special mention deserves a three-level underground parking for 207 cars and 15 parking spaces. Inside there are unique stations for recharging electric cars and a separate elevator for sports cars.

The mansions have their own fitness club overlooking the green garden. Nearby grows a green wall of wild grapes. A mirror alley will be laid between the Light and Breed mansions. The decoration used premium natural materials that create a unique atmosphere for a relaxing holiday with family and friends.

The architectural solution of the complex is the Moscow bureau Tsimailo, Lyashenko and Partners.



Total area

32 760


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