Multifunctional complex VICTORY PARK RESIDENCES

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A new residential complex with a shopping center, a health center and an aquarium is planned to be built on Poklonnaya Hill. Residential buildings will be built in two rows, supporting street lines. The first floors will house children's educational and entertainment centers, a food market, a hypermarket and fitness.

On the territory of four hectares, eight monolithic buildings will be built - five 11-story buildings and three two-section 10-story buildings. The residential area will be about 100,000 square meters. meters - 487 apartments of various sizes and planning decisions. As for infrastructure, it will include a kindergarten for 105 pupils, a shopping center, an aquarium with an area of ​​4,000 square meters. meters, various commercial and public spaces. Part of the underground level of the complex is reserved for parking for 716 cars. Closed courtyards landscaped and equipped for recreation.

The authorship of the architectural concept belongs to the famous bureau SERGEY SKURATOV ARCHITECTS.

The developer was ANT Development.



Total area

133 000


  • Concept Design
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