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The residential complex "Rays" is located in the Western district of the capital, in the Solntsevo area. This is a comfort class new building from the LSR developer, a company with an excellent reputation. The complex is located in a location with favorable ecology, there are several large green areas nearby.

The structure of the residential complex "Rays" includes 9 multi-section buildings, where comfort class apartments are presented. The height of the buildings varies from 6 to 25 floors, while they are located at a comfortable distance from each other. The shape of the houses is such that the sections form semi-enclosed courtyards in which comprehensive landscaping is carried out: plants are planted, playgrounds for children are set up, sports grounds and places for recreation are arranged.

The facades of the building are designed in a modern style and have a single concept for the whole complex, preserving the original and memorable look. Decoration of common areas is made according to the author's project. At each entrance, two or three elevators are installed - passenger and freight - with direct access to the underground parking.

Metropolis specialists developed project documentation for the facility in the sections of constructive solutions and space-planning decisions, as well as internal engineering systems.

The company "LSR Group" acted as a developer.
Architectural solutions developed by Speech.

Presentation materials provided by Speech.



Total area

450 000


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