Snegiri ECO residential complex

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Snegiri ECO is a luxury residential complex located on a pond shore, next to Park Pobedy and the wildlife sanctuary Setun River Valley. It includes 15 club houses surrounded by an artificial park. 

Architecturally, the residential complex blends together harmoneously with the beautiful natural environment. Cottages 4, 5 and 6 storeys high have panoramic glazing, with natural stone and wood used for finishes. The architectural concept was developed by the international architectural bureau Bogle Architects specialized in innovative architecture, and the General designer was Mosproekt-2. The developer of the complex is Snegiri Group.

The residential complex includes a kindergarten, a SPA and fitness centre, a minimarket, a beauty salon, cafes, restaurants, car parks and other infrastructure facilities necessary for comfort life. There is a landscaped park with children playgrounds, various resting areas, fountains, bike lanes and a pond. 

The project provided for the use of state-of-the-art technologies and energy efficient solutions. Metropolis specialists undertook technical audit of the Working documentation for compliance with requirements of the standards, and review of the Project documentation approved by Mosgosexpertiza for compliance with the solutions adopted in the Working documentation. 

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