Hotel with apartments at Varshavskoye shosse

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The project provides for construction of a new hotel with apartments in the South administrative district of Moscow, near the Trud stadium, at Varshavskoye Shosse, 14.

The architectural and space planning solutions developed by SPeeCH bureau allow for construction of a 15-storey hotel complex comprising apartments and a sports and recreation centre. The ground floor locates entrance areas with a check room, lift lobby and security areas and a sports and recreation centre with gyms, a sports nutrition store, a beauty salon, a massage room and cafes. The underground areas are intended for a car park and plant rooms.

Metropolis team developed the Project documentation for structural solutions, building services, as well as the Construction management plan and energy efficiency measures for the project.  

Architectural solutions are developed by SPeeCH architectural bureau.



Total area

30 000


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