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Stratos is one of the most technologically advanced class A office centers located in the central zone of Skolkovo, a rapidly growing technology park and innovation center in the Mozhaysky district of Moscow, 3 kilometers outside Moscow, at the following address: ul. Nikola Tesla, d.1s1. In the immediate vicinity is a transport hub that combines the railway stations "Innovation Center" and "Trekhgorka". Office center "Stratos" is intended primarily for companies conducting scientific, technical and related business activities in the field of information technology. The building is equipped with the necessary research and laboratory service areas and technical facilities.

The modern technological solutions used in the project are aimed at obtaining a LEED certificate at the level of Silver, the standard in the field of green construction. The building is equipped with the Smart City system, which automatically controls lighting, ventilation and energy consumption, analyzing the location of people in the premises. The concept of development of the Skolkovo innovation center provides for a careful attitude to nature. Cars with internal combustion engines, with the exception of special vehicles, remain in parking lots around the perimeter of the innovation center. To move around the territory, if you wish, you can transfer to an internal transport: a bicycle, an electric car or a bus with an electric motor. Employees of the Stratos tenant companies can use the comfortable underground parking of the business center. The premises of the business center are designed taking into account the technical requirements for the placement of information technology cluster companies. Strong ceilings are designed for high load and allow you to install server racks and other electronic equipment. Thanks to the panoramic glazing in the office premises of "Stratos" a lot of daylight. This contributes to the comfort of computer workers and high productivity.

BC Stratos is a part of the architectural ensemble, which includes the Technopark complex, designed to host start-up companies whose activities are connected with high technologies, and the Amalteya business center, and is connected to them by indoor pedestrian galleries and atriums. The Stratos building consists of five interconnected buildings, the facades of which organically emphasize the strong and vibrant architectural image of the project. The concept is based on the appeal to high technologies: microcircuits and printed circuits inspired architects to use green silk-screen printing in the glazing of facades. Two central atriums forming large pedestrian spaces connected with the Amalthea business center by a glass pedestrian crossing. Around the atriums are public spaces (dining room, commercial premises, medical center) and private spaces (conference rooms, meeting rooms). All the premises of Stratos are extremely functional, which is consistent with the theme of information technology. The interior is decorated in signature dark blue, green and gray colors. Large signs and signs serve as important decorative elements.

The specialists of the Metropolis company carried out the development of the concept, design and working documentation in terms of constructive and space-planning solutions, as well as in part of internal engineering systems.

Architectural solutions developed by Valode & Pistre.

The company "Corporation A.N.D" acted as a developer


Moscow region

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82 000


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