VII International Forum 100+ TechnoBuild

381480b191c637a8308bfeba97529105_475x360x0.jpgThe VII International Forum-Exhibition 100+ TechnoBuild (previously 100+ Forum Russia) was held in Yekaterinburg from 20 to 22 October. Within three days, 87 sections were held at Yekaterinburg-EXPO (most of the events were held online), 336 speakers from 33 countries spoke.

The name change is not accidental. If the forum began as a platform for discussing the problems of high-rise and unique construction, then over the past seven years the agenda has expanded significantly: today it reflects the entire range of urban planning and architectural topics, from innovative materials and technologies to complex renovation of industrial zones, landscaping, transport planning, urban ecology and even modern temple building.

A key topic of discussion is conscious building. This means the simplicity and transparency of processes throughout the entire construction cycle, the use of "smart" technologies, the creation of a comfortable and safe environment, social and environmental responsibility. Celebrity speakers (Ma Yansun, James Low, Martin Gran, Realrich Siarif and others) share their experiences in designing buildings that produce more energy than they consume, talk about how 300 cities around the world turn into a continuous park line on weekends, and about other unusual projects.

100+ TechnoBuild is the optimal platform for exchanging experience in the passage of a pandemic by a construction complex in different countries and regions.

The Metropolis company made a series of reports at the forum in different thematic sessions.

So, Svetlana Parkhomenko, head of the BIM-technologies department, made a presentation at the Russian BIM-technologies forum. The topic of the presentation is “BIM: modern customer requirements. How to maintain a balance between a high level of elaboration of the project and the real terms of design."

Пархоменко.jpg 122085638_4051887291493878_2029559264579116486_o.jpg

Viktor Karpov, Leading Design Engineer, continued the cycle of reports and spoke at the session "Foundations of High-Rise and Unique Structures - Conscious Solutions and Technologies", he spoke about the design features of buildings above the metro on the example of the facilities of the Iskra-Park MFC, the Chkalov House MFC and TPU "Nagatinskaya".

Карпов.jpg  Метрополис_Виктор Карпов_100+.jpg

Александр Любарцев, главный инженер нашей компании, принял участие в работе сессии «Опыт реконструкции музеев в современном мегаполисе» и рассказал о Центре современного искусства ГЭС-2.

Любарцев.jpg  Любарцев_слайд.jpg

You can watch the broadcast of all the forum speeches here

The Minister of Construction and Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation Vladimir Yakushev summed up the work of the Forum: “By the decision of the head of state, the planning horizon for all national projects, including Housing and Urban Environment, has increased until 2030. This is an opportunity to make work on mistakes. The national project itself will not undergo significant changes, but new events will be added. This will allow by 2030 to start building housing at the rate of 0.82 meters per year per person. In addition, much attention is paid to construction in the Business Climate Transformation roadmap. We plan to reduce the number of procedures and the time required to complete them, transfer services to electronic form. "

More information about the work of the forum - on the website 100+ TechnoBuild