Mindfulness trend

DSC_0534.jpgPeople are the main resource of any enterprise, but even in an ideal team, sooner or later the question arises of how to improve the efficiency of employees.

Olga Lyubartseva, head of the architectural and construction sector of Metropolis, has told the Spark.ru portal about what really gives a result.

 «The speed of communication, decision-making and data processing has increased significantly and continues to gain momentum. In these conditions, being competitive means being able to adapt to new conditions and see the opportunity in any obstacles, today there are a lot of methods, practices and ways to increase personal or team effectiveness, flexibility is at the center of any of them.

What does flexibility mean in the context of an organization? To begin with, you should accept the rules of the game of the modern world and design the production process itself to be flexible, and not hope that you can clearly describe everything according to business processes and continue to live by them. It is also impossible to work in conditions of complete uncertainty, so you should establish some kind of framework, but allow the freedom to make decisions within them.

In the area of an independent process, coercion and constant control will not give the desired effect; it makes sense to rely solely on self-organization.

For the self-organization of an employee or a team, the trend of awareness that has been relevant for the last couple of years can help. Within the enterprise, awareness can mean the transparency of the process, when each employee at every moment has answers to the questions: what am I doing now, who needs this task, who or what depends on the results, when I should finish and how this will affect the quality of my life

One of the reasons for ineffective use of working time is when employees do what they can not do or even should not do. Moreover, in this case, we are talking not only about the loss of time, but also about a decrease in motivation, since anyone, a person especially engaged in the production of an intellectual product, wants to do something important that contributes to the overall result.

All kinds of visualization tools help to bring this awareness to a high level - be it an office flip chart and felt-tip pens or a corporate portal. Of course, today, it makes sense to turn to digital technology. Collecting, storing and analyzing data, drawing conclusions and influencing is becoming the norm.

To summarize what has been said, today to increase the efficiency of employees' work means to enable them to plan themselves, make independent decisions, see the result and its assessment..»

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