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The construction of the new Palace of Water Sports is part of a large-scale reconstruction that all Luzhniki residents are undergoing. Work began in 2014 and affects about 70% of the complex. As part of the same task, the large sports arena was rebuilt, which in 2018 hosted the opening match and the World Cup finals. The Rhythmic Gymnastics Center has recently opened, the construction of the boxing and sambo center continues, the Friendship universal hall and the Crystal Ice Palace are being restored, and a tennis club is being built.


The need for reconstruction of the former Olympic handsome man has long been ripe. The last competitions in the pool were held during the Soviet era. The audience was gradually deteriorating, although the 50-meter bath continued to work. On October 1, 2014, the pool in Luzhniki was closed for reconstruction. And five years later, a completely new sports and fitness complex appeared in its place, resembling a historical building only in appearance. The Metropolis Company acted as the general designer, and Monotek-Stroy became the general contractor. The company managing the design and construction process, at the competition, chose the Luzhniki Big Sports Arena treasury enterprise. More than 30 architectural bureaus participated in the competition for the development of the architectural concept of the complex. The victory was won by the capital company UNK Project, which proposed to preserve the image of a historical building in the style of the Stalinist Empire. The design of the building is based on a modern interpretation of the architectural traditions of the middle of the last century. The facades were decorated with an ornament of rings reminiscent of the 1980 Olympics, as well as replicas of bas-reliefs of the old pool. The colonnade was also recreated. The New Palace is a five-story building with one underground level. The total area of ​​the object is almost 52 thousand m2, two and a half times larger than the old one.


The complex has three sports pools, a water park, a thermal and health complex. A fitness center, boxing club, surf club, and kids club will soon be working. On the ground floor there is a restaurant of 800 m2 with a terrace. A self-service cafe will open in the wet zone. The famous restaurateur Arkady Novikov is responsible for food in the complex. The new multifunctional swimming center in the Luzhniki Olympic complex is not only a unique sports and entertainment facility, but also an example of the use of modern technology. Innovation, additional functionality, usability and comfort of visitors were initially the most important requirements for the project.

Another unique feature of the swimming center is a sliding roof over the main part of the water park. In just 15 minutes, sections of a cylindrical roof can go in opposite directions. The roof is translucent, light and frost-resistant. And in the warm season, visitors will be able to swim and relax in the fresh air.


The water park has modern sound and lighting equipment, there is a stage for the presenters. You can hold discos on the water and other public events. The picture on the multimedia screen serves three projectors. Everything is ready for the filming of a television show. There are shields to which cameras and lighting are connected. And on the street there is a place for parking and connecting a mobile television station. Thanks to this, you do not need to pull kilometers of wires from the car to the place of filming.

A large 50-meter pool with ten lanes meets all the requirements of the International Swimming Federation. On the balconies are two 25-meter baths with three paths each. One of them is equipped with a hydraulic bottom, which allows you to change the depth from several tens of centimeters to 1.6 m and teach children and people with limited mobility to swim. At sports pools - two locker rooms with separate entrances, designed for 110 people each.

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On the balconies in the zone of the water park there is a health complex consisting of nine types of baths and saunas, a children's thermal zone with an artificial beach and a salt cave. There are contrasting pools, showers, treatment rooms and a relaxation area with sun loungers.

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The main feature of the new complex is a spacious water park with nine entertainment pools and nine slides with a total length of 1.3 km. An artificial wave will be created in one of the pools, two of them will be thermal and partially located in the open.

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The total area of the water park is 12.5 thousand m2. It is fenced off from the sports area by a transparent wall with a digital screen measuring 7 x 12 m for broadcasting competitions, showing films, displaying time, data on water and air temperature, as well as for displaying advertisements.

Two slides are the same in length. You can continue to hold downhill competitions. Another is equipped with a booth where the floor moves apart unexpectedly for a vacationer. In the third - the visitor, during the descent along the gutter on the cheesecake, using the buttons destroys the targets appearing in front of him. The other slides also have their own surprises. In the splash zone, a photo-finish system will be mounted, working according to signals from visitors' bracelets.

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