Marathon races

Every year in Moscow, there are many many amateur and professional races, both short and long distances. This year, our colleagues took part in two significant athletics events of the capital.



The Luzhniki half-marathon was held on August 18, the second largest start in Russia in terms of the number of participants. Muscovites and guests of the capital ran 21.1 kilometers along the central promenades and were able to see the landmark sights of the city. Among them are the Crimean bridge, St. Basil's Cathedral, the Cathedral of Christ the Savior and the Kremlin. Our colleagues Valery Vlaznev, Dmitry Khandogin, Alexey Kuraev, Denis Ivanov took part in the race and showed decent results.

The distance covered by the employees of Metropolis:
Alexey Kuraev 21.1 km - 1:36:44
Dmitry Handogin 21.1 km - 1:54:14
Valery Vlaznev 21.1 km - 2:03:04
Denis Ivanov 21.1 km - 1:51:01

Together with the runners, people with disabilities participated in the half marathon. They moved on handbikes and wheelchairs. The race began 10 minutes before the main start and went along the same route. At a distance, food and medical care points were organized. At the finish, all participants received commemorative medals. And in the start-finish town on the day of the race, entertainment events were organized for athletes and everyone.
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On September 22, the seventh Moscow Marathon was held in the capital. About 30 thousand runners from 85 countries became participants in the largest Russian athletics start. The marathon route passed along the embankments of the Moscow River, the Garden and Boulevard Ring, the Crimean Bridge, Tverskaya Street and Theater Passage, as well as near the Kremlin. Athletes saw the skyscrapers of the Moscow City business center, the White House, four Stalinist skyscrapers, the Bolshoi Theater, the Polytechnic Museum, the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior.

Also this year, the Moscow marathon became the only qualifying race in Russia for the World Championships in the age groups of the AbbottWMM Wanda Age Group World Championship along with the largest races in the world (New York, Berlin, Chicago, London, Boston and Tokyo).
Vladimir Medvedkin and Denis Ivanov, took part in the race at a distance of 42.2 km, and Valery Vlaznev - at a distance of 10 km. Colleagues demonstrated a sporting spirit and showed excellent results.
The distance covered by the employees of Metropolis:
Valery Vlaznev 10.0 km - 0:50:59
Ivanov Denis 42.2 km - 4:12:52
Vladimir Medvedkin 42.2 km - 3:57:44