Case championship "BIM on ice"

The Metropolis company, together with SPbGASU, held a case-championship among senior students and university graduates.

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SPbGASU is a large educational and scientific center that provides comprehensive training for specialists in the field of construction, architecture, transport, and environmental engineering systems. The university implements this case as part of the educational process and conducts an experiment on the use of project-based learning technology based on interdisciplinarity and practice orientation.

Objectives of the case championship:

1. Training in accordance with the requirements of the employer and in close cooperation with him

2. Practice-oriented and interdisciplinary learning

3. Developing skills in information modeling of objects

4. Simulation of a real production situation

5. Teamwork

6. Opportunity for personal and professional growth

The design object was an ice complex for training and local competitions of hockey teams. Also, the facility should include areas of public catering and a sports and recreation center.

A distinctive feature of this championship is the integrated design as close as possible to the real process due to a clear division within the teams by professional competence. Students from different faculties and areas of training had to implement the functions of engineers in the following sections of the project:

1. Architectural solutions

2. Constructive solutions

3. Water supply and sewerage

4. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

5. Complex BIM model


This year the Metropolis company introduced the competence of the chief engineer (CE) of the project in the team, who was not only the nominal team captain, but also carried out full coordination of participants and works throughout the entire design time.

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Since this year the whole world unexpectedly faced the conditions of remote work and remote interaction, this also made its own adjustments to the conduct of the championship. However, thanks to this, the role of the chief engineer has become even more real and necessary, since many students during the isolation period ended up not only in different cities, but also in different time zones, with different opportunities for accessing the Internet and remote work resources. During the self-isolation regime, many teams were replaced by participants, and the GIPs had to look for replacements for the retired participants and include new engineers in the project at various stages, which they successfully coped with.

On July 14, the final stage of the BIM on Ice case championship ended - the projects were defended. 5 teams reached the final. Projects were protected remotely using the ZOOM platform. All participants demonstrated a high level of qualifications and the ability to work in a team. Graduate and senior students showed different approaches not only to the design and decision-making process, but also to the presentation of the project. The jury, consisting of experts from Metropolis and SPbGASU, assessed projects based on the results of the defense and formed detailed comments on each of them.

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On July 16, the winners of the case championship were announced.

The seats were distributed as follows:

I place - GASU development and systems

II place - Kamadevis and Smart Choice

III place - ECO Engineering

IV place - 5FIVE

The Metropolis expert jury included:

1. Alexander Vorozhbitov, General Director

2. Alla Seryogina, Marketing Director

3. Alexander Pronin, chief architect

4. Ksenia Pashkevich, Chief Architect Specialist

5. Fyodor Isaev, chief designer of the design department

6.Sergey Bryuzgin, Head of HVAC Department

7. Evgeny Skripka, head of the department of VKiPT

8. Svetlana Parkhomenko, head of the BIM-technologies department

    Expert jury of SPbGASU:

    1. Ivanov Igor Anatolievich, Associate Professor of the Department of Architectural Design

    2. Kubasevich Anton Evgenievich, Assistant of the Department of Metal and Wooden Structures

    3.Nizhegorodtsev Denis Valerievich, assistant of the department of metal and wooden structures

    4.Stolbikhin Yuri Vyacheslavovich, Associate Professor of the Department of Water Use and Ecology

    5.Sukhanov Kirill Olegovich, Assistant of the Department of Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation

    6. Sukhanova Inna Ivanovna, Dean of the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and Municipal Economy

    7. Fedorov Svyatoslav Viktorovich, Associate Professor of the Department of Water Use and Ecology

    8. Chernykh Alexander Grigorievich, Head of the Department of Metal and Wooden Structures


      The first three places were distributed with a margin of tenths of a point, and the second place was eventually shared by two teams, gaining the same number of points up to hundredths. The projects presented by the participants caused a lot of discussions among experts, due to the fact that all the teams demonstrated a very high level of qualifications and professionalism.

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      Traditionally, the winning team gets the opportunity to undergo an internship at Metropolis. However, this year an exception was made - the Kamadevis team, which shared the second place with the Smart Choice team, is also invited to an internship in the company due to the high assessment of the project among the company's experts.


      All participants of the case championship were credited with pre-diploma and industrial practice. In accordance with the agreement with SPbGASU, participants will be able to use these projects as diploma works, and experts from the Metropolis company will be able to act as reviewers and consultants.

      The Metropolis company congratulates all participants on the successful completion of the case championship and wishes them new professional heights and achievements!

      We also express special gratitude to the team of organizers and experts of SPbGASU for their participation and assistance in holding the case championship at all stages.