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Market experts in the pages of CRE.Retail magazine answered important questions about security in modern shopping centers.

Since the beginning of May this year, many Russian shopping centers received warnings that they were mined. Information wave swept through dozens of shopping centers in Moscow, Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg and other regions. In this regard, the editors decided to find out how much safer our shopping centers have become over the past year, has anything changed since the infamous "Winter Cherry" and what the regulatory authorities are doing to correct the situation in the country. 

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Oleg Chubko, head of low current and signaling systems department at Metropolis, has commented on some aspects that provide security. 

How it should be? 

In fact, the safety of shopping and entertainment centers is provided at the design stage. The facility undergoes several inspections, which must ensure compliance with all security measures in particular, it is an expertise at the design stage and an expertise before receiving the commissioning act. For example, today it is impossible to open a new object if it does not have a metal detector frames at the entrance. 

The situation is complicated by the architectural features of the building (many-light spaces and atriums), the increased range of escape routes, massive concentrations of people and many other factors.  

Therefore, in order to create the most secure working conditions for the shopping center, it must be provided with everything necessary: an automatic fire alarm system; warning system and management of evacuation of people in case of fire; automatic installation of water extinguishing; smoke removal systems and emergency lighting, etc. Not the last role in this matter is played by the access control system, the security and alarm system and the video surveillance system. 

By and large, the safety of shopping and entertainment centers is provided at the design stage: in many cases, problems are formed at this stage, and it is difficult to fix them later - both technically and financially. 

There are changes, but not in everything. 

Events related to Winter Cherry have shown that even large and popular objects often neglect safety issues. And the shopping center in Kemerovo was not the exception to the rule, but, unfortunately, a sad, but logical result. “The use of non-certified, as a rule, combustible and toxic materials in finishing, blocking escape routes, the unsuitability of the building architecture and a number of other similar factors ultimately led to this tragedy.

Absolute security - the result, unfortunately, is unattainable in principle, but it is certainly necessary to strive for it. Check that in their bags and backpacks bring visitors into the shopping and entertainment center, and there are thousands of them, it is unrealistic both physically and legally, the law on private security activity does not allow much in this regard.

Do not discount the low qualification of security personnel. One way to improve anti-terrorism security is to use video analytics tools. The experience of holding the Olympic Games in the city of Sochi, the World Cup in the Russian Federation, shows to specialists that this is a very powerful tool, with the help of which the effectiveness of countering various threats is increased many times. 

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