Dutch developments will bring spectators back to the stands

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Eindhoven University of Technology is actively testing an original way to combat the spread of coronavirus: the idea isto reliably and quickly disinfect a specific area - an auditorium, a sports facility or other place where people gather.

If the system proves to be effective, it will help bring viewers back to mass events.

_M0A08031.jpgSergei Bryuzgin, head of the ventilation and air conditioning department at Metropolis, believes that such a system, if tested and proven to be effective, will arouse the interest of designers. Metropolis, which has been involved in reconstruction projects for Luzhniki, the construction of the Krasnodar stadium and other facilities, is also ready to evaluate the technology in the context of future challenges.

Bert Bloken, Eindhoven professor and head of the research team: Such developments will not only help modernize air purification systems in existing stadiums, concert halls and other public buildings, but will also affect industry standards in general. The construction industry is very conservative and slowly embracing change, but the pandemic is likely to accelerate the process - now the design will have to pay more attention to health and safety issues. SPbGASU representatives add that in Russia disinfection of circulating air is already among the recommendations for the construction of sports facilities, but they refer only to new construction.

However, Bryuzgin draws attention to the following detail: now the University of Eindhoven is focused on tracking potential infections only in the stands, while visitors also contact in lobbies, halls, food outlets and other public places - and there are already other requirements for ventilation. Therefore, the expert believes, it is the data on the spread of infection that are valuable first of all. 

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