The water sports palace on the territory of the Luzhniki open for visitors

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On November 16, the Water Sports Palace on the territory of Luzhniki was opened for visitors!

The reconstruction of this sports and entertainment complex began in 2016 according to the project of the Moscow bureau UNK project and was completed in September this year. The development of design and working documentation was carried out by the Metropolis company.

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From an obsolete sports facility, the pool has turned into a modern aquacenter for Muscovites to relax, while retaining all the opportunities for athletes to train. On the day, the new complex is ready to receive up to 10 thousand guests.

The palace includes nine slides with a total length of 1.3 km and various water attractions, two swimming pools at 25 m and one at 50 m, as well as saunas, a salt wall, an interactive children's area, a fitness center, and a boxing club, the press reported. -watercenter service. - It is expected that before the end of the year, the palace can organize training in surfing.

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The pool first opened in 1956, it hosted many sports, including during the Olympics-80. But over time, the complex became outdated and ceased to meet international requirements for sporting events and safety rules. In 2016, its reconstruction began.

Inside the complex is completely transformed. In addition to three large pools (one of them is 50 meters, which meets the Olympic standard of the International Swimming Federation), several small ones appeared, including those with hydromassage. The palace is equipped with a surf center - a swimming pool with a slope to simulate a sea wave. The water rides equipped in the complex have no analogues in Russia. In summer, visitors can sunbathe under the sun - the complex has a retractable roof. Pools are designed taking into account the needs of children and people with limited mobility: one of them is equipped with a lifting bottom and can change the depth for training of kids and disabled people.

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Also, the complex has a modern spa with several types of baths and saunas: there are Tyrolean and Mediterranean baths, as well as a salt cave. The palace has all the conditions for sporting events, it is possible to put mobile stands for 250 seats, and broadcast the course of the competitions on the large screen installed in the hall.

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